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The Virtual World 3000 is a device that can teleport you to 12yz12ab's Virtual World.

Virtual World 3000
To 12yz12ab's Virtual World we go!
Vital statistics
Type Teleporter
Effects Teleports you to 12yz12ab's Virtual World
Source 12yz12ab's lab
Location 12yz12ab's lab
Cost to buy 100000 coins
Cost to sell 100000 coins


12yz12ab just created another world but he wanted to get there. So he created this with the same basic design from the Transformer 3000 (without the numberpad though) and created this. It looks like the Transformer 3000 without the numberpad. It was made by 12yz Labs Inc.


  • It is the biggest of 12yz12ab's inventions.
  • It takes alot of power to function.
  • GGD is looking for this.
    • But sadly,its rare. Only 10 exist and they are all owned by someone. Except GGD.

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