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Vickers Vanguard
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Vital statistics
Title Vickers Vanguard
Gender Male
Race Race/species
Faction FAAA
Health Very Good
Level 17
Status Flying aircraft
Location Polaris, Eastshield
Occupation Baggage Cart Driver (formerly)
Interests Airports, aircraft
Friends Hochstadt Gang
Enemies Swiss Ninja, RDA, Darktan
Archetype Good

Vickers Vanguard is the pet puffle of Sancho Monte Captio, who lives with his parents in Sancho Monte Captio's home and is also an aviation entusiast like Piper J. Cub. He is a Dispatcher for SkyJet Airways, and lives with Sancho Monte Captio in Polaris Palace.


Vickers Vanguard was born to Viscount Vanguard and Victoria Vanguard, of Polaris. Vickers was born in Sancho Monte Captio's condo in 1999. Vickers was brought on Sancho's Learjet many times, along with his parents. He has been very close to Sancho Monte Captio, as he was very intrested in aviation. In 2002, he was sent to a Flight school, where he studied for two years, and became a private in the USA Air Force, Puffle Division, and was deployed into service twice. In 2005, he ended military service, and began a career as an airline dispatcher for Sancho Monte Captio's SkyJet Airways (then MammothAir). He was one of the key dispatchers and is currently a Dispatch Office supervisor.



  • He is very kind and sweet
  • He wishes to be a commercial pilot in the future
  • His name is a loose parody of the turboprop airliner,the Vickers Vanguard.
  • Mr Cow2 pet him once.

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