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Vesper Anator
Vesper image
Vital statistics
Title Night Keeper, Tree Carer, Nienna
Gender Female
Race High Penguin
Faction The Silmarils
Health Immortal
Level Unknown
Status Unknown
Location Unknown

Vesper, or otherwise known as Nienna, is Luce's sister and a High Penguin.


She had kept The Amulet of Shadow. After the amulets were thrown into the sea, she lived happily in dark places. She was often pestered by her sister Luce for her dark ways, and she pestered Luce about her light ways. They now share a bitter sibling rivalry, mostly involving light switches. One likes the lights off, the other likes the lights on.


When The Elemental Amulets were tossed in the sea, she tossed the amulet of shadow away as well. When King Triskelle found the amulets again, he could not find Vesper to give her the Amulet of Shadow. So, she remained in secrecy until she heard of Darktan. She knows she needs the amulet of shadow to keep balance. She also knows The Silmarils are failing and will become obselete unless The Two Trees are re-planted. Currently, she is watering The Two Trees.


  • If Darktan is indeed her father, then her last name would be "Anator", since Darktan's surname is, in fact, "Anator".

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