Club Penguin Fan Universe
Veranda Fizz Grimom
You'll waste your life playing that video game!
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Adelie penguin
Faction Emoguin
Health Poor (she's always playing that game)
Level Not caring
Status Apathetic
Location The Grimon residence, South Pole City
Pizza Parlor, Club Penguin
Occupation None
Catchphrase Pfft... whiner.
Interests Video games, pizza, and soda. Not unlike a regular penguin, actually.
Friends Sye?
Enemies You?
Archetype Neutral

Veranda Grimom, usually called Veranda, is Sye's woefully apathetic, Emoguin-adhering, older sister. Though aware of the Xet predicament, she doesn't give a care in the universe about it not only because she knows that Xet is virtually harmless, but because she doesn't give a care about a lot of things. She is addicted to video games and does not leave home without a portable game console of some type.


Veranda apparently hatched about six months before Sye, and from day one, her apathy was shown. She was uncaring and not compassionate. Things that moved penguins to tears barely got a passing glance from Veranda. Although, this was both ways. She rarely hates anything, just as she likes nothing. As long as she has a video game and something to eat, she is fine regardless of circumstance or situation.

This, however, did not pertain to Sye, who came into the picture six months later. Veranda didn't hate Sye, but it is clear that she enjoyed picking on him. She would take his glasses (when he started wearing them), mess up his hair, or push him over, especially if he was in the way of the television or in her seat.

She actually learned of Xet before Sye did, but, as with all things in life, she couldn't possibly care less. She lets Sye do his own thing these days, that "thing" being trying to halt Xet. However, Xet is foolish enough to halt his own plans, excluding Kirbguin, of course.


What is there to involve?

Veranda loafs around the family igloo, her focus glued to her video game, only getting up to eat, drink, and sleep. She gives no concern to her appearance or what she wears; this is because invariably wears the same black dress-like item day in and day out, with matching boots.

Her apathy is strong enough that a natural disaster would result in her getting up and waddling to a safer location, only to sit back down and continue her video game. She has never given assistance to anyone except Sye, and Sye is too frightened, spastic, or immersed in his quest to stop Xet to pay attention to her dull, flat, monotone voice.


  • No one has ever seen her reaction to her game console's battery running out. It never seems to do so.
  • She bears little resemblance to the rest of her family.
  • Veranda is one of the Pizza Parlor's biggest patrons, ordering a pizza per day, or more. She somehow obtains the money to do so, probably from Sye's player card.
  • Some just call her the "anthromorphic personification of apathy", or "that scary penguin", or "Sye's sister".

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