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Vead Island
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Vead Island is an island located in Weddell that is technically considered 'part of Shield Island', as the mayor of Shield Town also controls Vead Island. The island, having the same area as the Ski Hill and Ski Village combined, is notable for its recreational facilities and its shape from aerial view. Vead Island is connected to Shield Island via the Shield-Vead Highway and the Shield-Vead Bridge.


Vead Island was formerly an unused plot of land, first found by Sherby Hoodwounds penguins, then by the Snoss, again by the High Penguins and eventually by a Khanz. All four parties only stopped by the island for rest and never came back.

The island was eventually discovered and claimed by a penguin named Ariso Vead in 1909. The island then became part of the High Penguin Confederacy, passed on to Khanzem, Olde Antarctica and finally to Colonial Antarctica in the early 1990s.

Ariso Vead's great-great-grandson, Diablo Vead, decided to build a settlement there, known as 'Vead Town'. Since the town was almost as big as the island, Vead Town became synonymous with Vead Island itself. The construction of several buildings, a large roller coaster ride and a tobbaganing hill was built to popularize the island. Torn Highway, then known by another name, was also built as a getaway to Vead Island. As a result, many flocked to Vead Island. In the later half of the 1990s, a second roller coaster track was built.

Vead Island's popularity eventually downed with the dawn of the new millenium. Factors include several incidents on the roller coaster tracks and the condition of the highway that connected Shield Island to Vead Island. Diablo Vead, the mayor of Vead Town, decided to make amendments to renew interest. He first ordered the construction of a new highway, the Shield-Vead Highway as it is now known. Secondly, he wanted to tear down the old roller coaster tracks and build a full-scale amusement park there, along with more unique attractions such as a ski hill for the winter season. It also allowed penguins to live there, and also build a nature park.






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