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Penguinmicro-iris Valve City is a predicted scenario, so the events you read here are imagined. Do not take it as fact.
Valve City
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Vital statistics
Type City (practically a town)
Level 15-70
Location Trans-States
Inhabitants Normal Penguins, Gentoo Penguins

Valve City will be a city in Trans-States of the future, at the point where the borders of Eastshield and Trans-Antarctica would be. This new city will somehow not be futuristic, but in the sense that it would be like the olden days.


After the seperation, a capital had to be made for the country of Trans-States. Mr. Valve decided to create a city, and named it "Valve City". Apparently, the process stopped after the Destruction of Valve City and apparently turned into an olden town.


Valve City


Here, there is a center, known as Valve Center. Inside the center, lies houses, a community centre, a food market, a shopping center (beside), a food court, a small hospital, a school and many houses. Outside lies more houses.

The green section is the other sites of the city which are supposed to be built, but was destroyed after the destruction, and later remained as forests.


  • Mr. Valve, the founder of the city. He lies as mayor.
  • Korkanot, rumored to be a famous author there.



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