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University of South Pole City
Motto "Strength and Unity
Established 2008
Type Public University
Principal Sancho Monte Captio
Headteacher Millie Miles
Other figures
Specialism Medical, Mathematics, Social Science
Location 1000 University Parkway, South Pole City
LEA National Universities Group
Staff 1,892
Students 10,000
Gender all
Ages 18+
Houses The South Pole Capitals
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The University of South Pole City was built in 2009 by the South Pole Council, the Council wanted to increase education in South Pole City, It is the best university in the USA, It was constructed in less than one year. It currently has 10,000 students and 2,000 faculty


In 2009, to increase education the South Pole Council voted 20/30 into building a university, Mr. Sancho978 was the Architect of the Project, he later became the Dean of the University on September 4, 2009. There were at first 100 students, then it grew to 10,000 in less than two weeks, The University has been the best in Medicine, Political Sciences, Gastronomy and Astronomy in the past year.


There are Sixty building as two campuses, Parkway Campus, or the main Campus, has Thirty Buildings, they include the Main Office, the East Block, The West Block, The Centre Block, The Dormitory, The Cafeteria, The Library and the Computer Centre. The Other Campus, has Twenty buildings, they include the Political Sciences Building, The John Fink Memorial Hospital, The Medicine Building, The Astronomic Sciences Building and the Culinary Center and the Centre Block (II) and the Gymnasium


The a Nickname is the South Pole City Xpress. The colors are black and gold. It plays all sports.


Here are a list of Faculty

  • Dean of the University- Dr. Sancho Monte Captio
  • Head of English- Dr. Michael J. Lotz
  • Head of Mathematics: Kara Mi
  • Head of Political Sciences: Dr. Mary Johnson
  • Head of Gastronomy: Chef Adam Du Pont
  • Head of Astronomy: Dr. John Blathers
  • Head of Athletics: Kingston Jeffer
  • Head of Physiology: Dr.Brittany Retina
  • Head of Medical Sciences: Dr. Barry Barooma
  • Head of Religious Studies : Rev. Jacob Michaels
  • Head of Foreign Language Studies: Dr. Jane De Mosse
  • Head of Animal Sciences: Jane Itzalgood
  • Head of Biological Sciences: Dr. Winston Church
  • Head of Social Sciences: Dr. Yvonne Relli
  • Head of Economic Studies: Dr. Jana De Jour
  • Head of Mass Communication Studies: Dr.Trisha Takawa
  • Head of Criminal Justice Studies: Dr. Manson Marion
  • Head of Engineering Sciences: Kelly Koman