Club Penguin Fan Universe

United We Stand, Divided We Fall or The Superhero Epic is a series of stories about the various superheroes. G.E.T. P.R.O.T.E.C.T.I.O.N.S played a major role in the epic.


FutureSeeker made a prophecy that was unclear.

  • United We Stand Divded we Fall. The beam of light will be stolen and ended, never to be shot out again.
    • Status:Unfulfilled, One-Eye?
  • A club will end the peace, with friends fighting each other.
    • Status:Unfulfilled, but many penguins believe Club Penguin will begin a civil war.
  • The Captain's partner disappears, but will return.
    • Status:Partially Fulfilled: Bobby Borne, Captain Antarctica's sidekick, has disappeared in war.
  • The Captain will be gone, gone in another dimension, only to return again.
  • Powers will be taken, people will be sad, and only a clawed figure can save the day.
    • Status:Unfulfilled:??
  • A supervillain will become a leader, and only protectors can stop him.
    • Status Unfulfilled: WHOA!!
  • Th protectors will fight the dark protectors.
    • Status:Unfullfilled: The Defenders will fight their anti-bodies?
  • United We Stand, NONE Shall Fall.
    • Status:Unfullfilled: Peace on Antarctica?

The Superhero Epic[]

  • Battle Against Doomsday
    • As a classic insane supervillain marches to destroy Antarctica, only super penguins can stop his army.
  • Whose Side Are You On?
    • After the incidents during Battle Against Doomsday, an agency tries to pass a bill to the South Pole Council. Some superheroes oppose it, some support it. Who's side are you on?
  • Power Snatcher
    • An evil villain snatches powers from superheroes, The Defenders must risk their powers to defeat him.
  • Ogreno Hosborn:Leader
    • One of the most evil super villains becomes a high ranking officer in GP. The heroes must make a plan to overthrow him.