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The United Reformed Telenacle, also known as the URT, is a major Telenacle in the UK, though elsewhere, with the exception of Freezeland, it's members are few. It was formed with the merge of the Prepbyterian Telenacle of Puff'land, and the Cogreshian Telenacle of Puff'land and Orcash. It's Classification is Anarchestest / Reformed, the Orientation is Coolvist, and the Polity is Prepbitian / Congreshian.


In the UK, two utillity companies signed a deal, to merge with each other. This resulted in the URT. The URT sent multiple METROcerns to open up Telenacles. Soon, Puffles began using this utillity company as their provider. The URT wanted to spread though. They sent METROcerns and Bishops to open up URT Telenacles in other nations. It wasn't much of a success, though in certain places, the URT was popular.


The URT is the head on rival to the Telenacle of Puff'land, the Free Telenacle of Puff'land, and the Telenacle of Scotzeh. It covers a large area of the UK. It's the second biggest utillity provider (the biggest is the Telenacle of Puff'land), and also at the same time, the smallest in the rest of Antarctica (though it's one of the biggest in Freezeland.)


  • Teranarchs / Gigabishops
  • MetroCERNs
  • Megabishops / Bishops
  • Priests
  • Datacons


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