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United Antarctic Nations
UAN flag
UAN coat of arms
Headquarters South Pole Council
Languages English, Terralish, Penguinian, etc.
Membership People in the government.
- leader {{{leader}}}
- members Unknown
Establishment Modern years
- early times 1959-2002
- official start 2006-

The United Antarctic Organization (UNO) or simply United Antarctic Nations (UAN) is an international organization who interfere (with permission) in the penguin law, government, security, rights & many more. They also keep the countries organized and have a right to handle them in the right they have. The UAN was founded in 1959,after the collapse of the failed League of Nations, but started out very small. The founder, Corai's father, started the UAN to keep everything in check. Few countries have joined. A few include Chi Con, ADD MORE!

There are currently dozens of countries, states & cities that follow in the steps of the United Antarctic Nations, almost every one. The government-run organization help in improving the countries as much as they can. They accept worldwide languages, but mostly English. There are "Representatives" for almost every country, city & state that has a membership in the United Antarctic Nations.



General Assembly[]

Security Council[]


No. Country Name Joined Note
1 Auzua Mostafique image1 Auzua Mostafique Bezul Mostafique May 12, 2010 Self-governed territory, addressed as 'free republic'.
2 ClearwaterIslandscene Clearwater Island Eve Lendfell February 9, 2010
3 Dorkugese Flag Animated Dorkugal Fred 676 December 29, 2010
4 Emperorlands KingH10 May 17, 2010
5 Freezeland Will Whitefoot December 6, 2009 Although separated into MAI Freezeland and New Freezeland, the former represents Freezeland. The latter would be part of Snowzerland.
6 Geek Empire A supercomputer (de-facto) June 8, 2010
7 Land of Flystar55555 Flystar April 17, 2010 Although seventh alphabetically, known as 'Flystarland' in meetings.
8 Lasoun Kras Lasoun June 13, 2010 May quit due to difficulties.
9 MaverickII New Maverick New Maverick Guy May 18, 2010 Not yet Waiting for the writer of
New Maverick to fill this in...
2 UTR flag design UnitedTerra Ninjinian 9 November 2000 Not yet.
3 Scoodlepeep Official Flag N Scoodlepeep Baby N. 3 March 2009 Not yet.
4 Turtlyflag Turtly (IN EXILE) President Crabby 2 December 2009 Not yet.
5 MAI MAI Alex12345a 3 December 2009 Not yet.
6 Rebel Flag animated United Penguin's Republic The Leader (for now) 4 August 2009 Soon...
7 FRG Flag 3 Free Republic of Guymed Guymed 15 January 2010 Not yet.
8 Elite Penguin Nations Flag Elite Tomoyo Nations Tomoyo Jr 28 November 2006 Not yet.





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