Club Penguin Fan Universe

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Vital statistics
Type Underwater City
Location Under Fruit Island
Inhabitants Penguins

Underwater Club Penguin, also known as UCP or ClubLantis is a domed underwater city in Weddell. It was formerly dependent on the Weddell government and was considered a territory but it was granted the right of a Free Republic in 2006, where the people are sovereign, making it a Republic. It has a presidential system which is popular with the citizens. It has been compared with both Club Penguin Island and Club Penguin City.


The city's founder is unknown, but it was discovered by an Aqua Grabber pilot who was accidentally swept off course by the current. The news spread throughout Antarctica, and many penguins visited Penglantis for its weird bubble technology (e.g. bubble buildings). It's architecture is an excellent example of Penguinian-style architecture, featuring many decorative spirals, points, curls, and flashing neon structures.


It has a small population of six million penguins but the majority are Seals, forming 20 million. AncientOcti and RocketSnails are also recognized as sentient beings, with there being 1 million RocketSnails and an unknown amount of AncientOcti. There are also about 250,000 Arctic Terns and 300,000 Skuas. Talking puffles are only about 500 with the others being non-talking. Crabs, sharks, mullets and other sea creatures aren't recognized as sentient beings.


The currency is, of course, the bubble. Available in denominations of 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, and 89, the bubble is worth the same as a Khan (0.5 Fish).


  • Bubble Lab-- Where scientists work on developing bubbles into new structures.
  • Financial District-- Where things are sold and bought.
  • Blower Room-- Under the Financial District, this is where the giant bubbles that form the dome and buildings are made.
  • Sububbleia-- A suburban neighborhood on the north side of the city.


  • Penguins
  • Pink Puffles
  • Harp Seals


  • Leopard Seals


  • Bubbles

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