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The Underground
The Very Shallow Pool
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Vital statistics
Type Underground Area
Level All, though several chicks are afraid.
Location Ranging from the Plaza to the Mine
Inhabitants You'll see below.

Not to be confused with the Underground PWN Mafia, a group of criminals, or Unnderground Clubb Phengin Weekee
The Underground of Club Penguin consists of the Boiler Room, the Cave and Mine (partially). They are all accessed via the manhole (the Mine is accessible via an entrance).


Ever since Club Penguin froze over in 1912, the weather was too cold for penguins. It only needed to be cold, not too cold. So the inhabitants of Penguin Chat 2 created the Boiler Room, which was the first stage of the Underground. Back then, not many penguins knew of the Underground or could access it, except for ninjas, which were a myth that time.

Later, when Club Penguin replaced the old Penguin Chat, the Boiler Room was accessible to all penguins. A swimming pool was also created for penguins who wanted to dive in for a swim. It was built in 2005 and was named the "Cave".

In 2006, penguins created a passage to the Cave from the Mine after it was re-discovered two months before. The Mine was then considered "part of the Underground".

In 2007, a crab cracked the window at the Cave, causing the lower parts of Club Penguin to flood. Thankfully, G used the excess water for a Water Party, which was a brilliant success and encored the next year.


There are three rooms, the Boiler Room, the Swimming Pool and the Mine.

Boiler Room[]

The Boiler Room consisted of a large boiler which pumps heat to create a soothing temperature for Club Penguin. Beside it is a drawer which contains the CP Times' newspaper archive, and other typical things you would find in a work office. The lights used to be dim, giving the room a scary atmosphere. It was considered as the hideout of ninjas back then when it was a myth. Now, the lights are switched on fully, the room is populated and not scary at all, and was proven not to be hideout of the ninjas.


Instead of swimming in the vast ocean, penguins could swim here, the only swimming pool in CP. A window there was cracked by a crab and caused the Water Party to happen. Nowadays, the swimming pool is not so populated as penguins could go and swim around the Iceberg which is much more fun as the water is deeper and cooler. The Cave also has a large heater pump and filter which are connected to the Boiler Room.


Main Article: Mine
A passage from the Mine to the Swimming Pool was constructed in 2006. That's why it's considered to be part of the Underground.

Inhabitants/Creatures who usually visit[]

  • A crab
  • Swimmers
  • Journalists


  • Newspaper Archives of the CP Times
  • Not-so-cold Water, unlike the vast ocean.
  • Pins, they are most common here.

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