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In Weddell, there are several unclaimed islands which lie off the coast of Weddell's main border. These islands were formerly part of a larger country, but when something happened, these islands somehow became independent and are currently debated whose territory it belongs to.

Unofficial Claimed Islands[]

Island About Island Current "Holder" Other Potential Date of Vote
Cheeseland Islandic Posistions (CIP) Tropical, islands which bears fruits alongside Fruit Island, popular tourist destination. USA MAI, Clearwater Island, Warmslates 7 August 2009
Tropical Snowy Islands (TSI) "Tropical" Snowy Islands, said to have "snowy beaches suitable for penguins" Eastshield claims it under its name USA Nation, MAI
Flourida Islands A small archipelago of tropical islands, and lots of wheat plantations. Soon mills were built, and now it exports flour to the USA. Warmslates Warmslates annexated it without USA's permission.