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Ultra Virus
Vital statistics
Type Computer virus
Effects EXTREME anger
Source KingH10
Location Computers of annoying people
Cost to buy
Cost to sell

The Ultra Virus is a computer virus coming from KingH10. It is found on the computers of many, many people (Yes, KingH10 hacked into Bill Gate$'s computer!)


The Ultra Virus, as it is dubbed by KingH11, has caused anger in the minds of many people (a full list can be seen below). KingH10 is sending it to more people in any moment of spare time he has. This is the virus:

List of people who have recieved the virus[]

  • Mabel
  • Bill Gates
  • Kalin
  • add if you've recieved it!


  • KingH10 ripped the error pop-up code from something called "Microsoft Windows".

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