Club Penguin Fan Universe
Ultimate Fanon Quest
Inspiration(s) All the characters b/w staff and family
Developer(s) Snowtendo
Publisher(s) Snowtendo
Release date in USA November 1st 2010
Release date in the UTR November 28th 2010
Release date in Non-Free Republics {{{others}}}
Release date in Free Republics of the USA December 2nd 2010
Genre Fantasy/Fighting
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Platform(s) Snowtendo Vii2
Predeced by None
Followed by Ultimate Fanon Quest 2

Ultimate Fanon Quest is a game made by Snowtendo for the Snowtendo Vii2. It features many characters from the Bureau of Fiction, backed with a storyline and different modes for timeless playing.


The main character, a ninja named Waddles goes on an adventure to find the core that makes the Bureau of Fiction stand. In his way, several characters to battle or join your team.




  • Story Mode
  • Freeplay Mode
  • Debug Mode
  • Level Select
  • Options


Character Power Special Item Overworld Ability Music Theme Availability Team
Waddles 50% Snowball Double Jump (used to reach out-of-reach platforms and the like) listen Starter Good
Explorer 767 62% Shovel Bombs (used to blow up brick walls and other stuff) listen Starter Good
Fred 676 65% Pi TBD listen Unlockable 1st Boss
Dan Beronews 67% Deletion/Ban Hammer Fail Launcher listen Unlockable Good
Tails6000 70% Lightspeed Shoes Speed (used to run over traps and stuff) listen Unlockable Good
12yz12ab 72% Teleporter 3000 Double Punch (When powered up,can do 1.8 times normal damage) listen Unlockable Good
Hat Pop 73% Ninja Invisibility Invisibility (used to sneak past enemies) listen Unlockable Good
Metalmanager 75% Flamethrower TBD listen Unlockable 2nd Boss
Sheepman 76% Snow Shotgun Deletion Missle (can only be used 3 times in one part, used to delete enemies without fighting them) listen Unlockable Friend
Speeddasher 79% Destruction Spear Destruction Control (used to slow down speedy enemies and traps) listen 3rd Boss Unlockable
TurtleShroom 81% Deletion Rod TBD listen Unlockable Friend
Willy the Penguin 84% Toilet Plunger ROFL Waffle (used to distract enemies) listen Unlockable Friend
Mabel 87% Evil Stare Uni-Code (used to scare away all enemies on the overworld for a while) listen Unlockable 4th Boss
Jitsu 90% Ice Freeze (used to freeze enemies for a while) listen Unlockable Friend
Ben Hun 93% LOLCAT Attack LOLCAT (used to scare an enemy) listen Unlockable Friend
Sk8itbot 96% Ice-Pellet Machine Gun Taco (used to distract enemies) listen Unlockable 5th Boss
Ventusi b/w Gladuisi 100% All N/A Gladuisi, Ventusi NPC Final Bosses
Star Kirby12 76% Mike Sword Mike Slash(Slashes down trees blocking the way. Also used as a weapon) listen Unlockable Friend