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Ulaansnowtar International Airport
Vital statistics
Name Ulaansnowtar International Airport
Native name
AATA code {{{aata}}}
Type of airport International airport
Hub for Air Pengolia
Owned/Operated by Pengolian Airport Authority
Serves Ulaansnowtar, West Pengolia
Location Ulaansnowtar
Runway Runway 10L/28R (10,000 ft.) (Asphalt)
Runway Runway 10R/28L (9,000 ft.) (Asphalt)

Ulaansnowtar International Airport (ACAO code: UST) is the main international airport serving the city of Ulaansnowtar and is also the main international airport for West Pengolia.The airport is located 17 miles east of the city center.The airport has one main terminal, and has two runways, Runway 10L/28R (10,000 ft.) and Runway 10R/28L (9,000 ft.) . The airport is the main hub for Air Pengolia, and is served by 4 other airlines.


Main Terminal[]

  • SkyJet Airways: South Pole City-Metro, Polaris, Gemini
  • UTA: New Club Penguin
  • Club Penguin AirFlights: Club Penguin City, South Pole City-Metro
  • Googolplex
  • Air Pengolia: South Pole City-Metro, Newton Town, Gemini, Frostborough, Snowville, Polaris, Googolplex, Aquarius, Shiverpool, East Bank City, Iceland, Ternville, Club Penguin City, Ross Island, Zurich,Arda, Rasington,
  • Mcdonalds airways: Anywhere they go.


The airport has one main terminal, and has 12 gates in total.The airport is served by five airlines, MammothAir, UTA, Club Penguin AirFlights, and Air Pengolia. The airport serves as a main hub for Air Pengolia as well.The airport is the main international gateway of the country, and is the largest airport in the country as well. The terminal has 6 waiting lounges, and many snack shops as well. The airport is serviced by the West Pengolian Border Services for immigration and customs.The airport has 6 hangars, mostly used for cargo and charter airlines.The airport has one air traffic control tower (89 ft.).