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Ulaansnowtar is a city nearby the Royal West Pengolian Palace. It is the capital of West Pengolia.

Country West Pengolia
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Monuments Penghis Khan Statue, Penghis Khan's Palace
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Mayor Penghis Khan
Population 100,000
- rank by 2009: {{{rank2009}}}
Inhabited species Khanz Penguins
General information
Native name Ulaansnowtar
Foreign name Ulaansnowtar
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Founded 2009
- founder Red River 2
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- summer {{{summer}}}
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It all started in the December of 2009 when Red River 2 visited West Pengolia for the first time. He was unhappy with his visit because he could hardly find a hotel or a town. He decided to visit Penghis Khan for permission to build a capital city for the country.

"Greetings Great Khan. I come in peace."

"Penghis Khan is busy. What do you need, High Penguin peasant?"

"I see that you do not have a capital city."


"No. I wasn't. I just wanted to point that out. You see, many great wonderful countries have capital cities. I have decided to help you make one."

"How will it benefit Penghis Khan???"

"You will be able to see many of your citizens from your palace. Not only that, you will be able to have tourists come and see the splendor of your country."

"PHENGIS KHAN LIKES IDEA! Do it now! Use as many of Penghis Khan's servants as you need."

Thus, construction started. Red River 2 had the servants build houses, steets, and many other beautiful Pengolian styled buildings. Red River stayed in Pengolia for a bit longer to help construction and to govern temporarily until its completion. Today, it is a very modern city. Penghis Khan is currently the mayor of the City.


Here are the Places of Interest:

  • Penghis Khan's Palace - It is located nearby the outskirts of the city.
  • The Ilkhanate Stadium of PWNage - The only stadium of West Pengolia. Many events occur here. It is PWNSOME!
  • Penghis Khan Statue - A huge 500 foot Statue of Penghis Khan.

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