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United Terra Airlines
Vital statistics
Name United Terra Airlines
Native name
IATA code UT
Callsign UNITED
Founded September 19, 2003
Commenced operations October 1, 2003
Ceased operations
Hubs New Club Penguin International Airport, Satellite City International Airport, Neo Domino International Airport
Secondary hubs Club Penguin City Airport, South Pole City International Airport
Focus cities Margate International Airport, Sherbian City Airport
Frequent flyer program UnitedPoints
Airline lounge UnitedLounge
Airline alliance SkyAlliance
Subsidiaries UnitedTerra Cargo
Fleet 31
Destinations 21
Company slogan United we Fly
Parent company UnitedTerra Air Co.
Headquarters 45 Kingston Ave., New Club Penguin

UnitedTerra Airlines, (ACAO Code: UTA) is the flag carrier of the UnitedTerra.


The airline was started as United Terra Air Services, which provided trans-ocean flights, and inter-island flights across the continent, in 2003. The airline was started by three penguins, who wanted to provide inexpensive airline service to the penguins of the UnitedTerra. The airline mostly travelled to communities across the mainland continent, and operated a hub from Satellite City Airport, which was a very small airport, and had only one gate, so the airline had to use the old military terminal at Satellite City Airport for it's operations.The airline was very popular back then, due to less competing airlines at the airport.

2010 Bankruptcy and Reformation[]

In 2010, the airline's stocks dove in the stock market, and an on-going Pilot's Strike was on-going at the time, due to unfair contracts. The airline lost many routes, and started losing name value as well. Passenger loadfactors were rapidly declining and employees were quitting their jobs. So, on January 7, 2010, the airline filed for bankruptcy with the UTR government. Fort two weeks the airline remained out of service until a bankruptcy court approved their restructuring plan. The plan included the retiring of Kupamacha aircraft, due to safety concerns over them, the orders of new, modern aircraft from Airhail and Snowing. The airline also moved all hub operations from Satellite City to New Club Penguin International Airport.


  • Snowing 737-800 (10)
  • Snowing 747-400ER (7)
  • Snowing 777-300ER (8)
  • Snowing 767-400ER (6)

Cargo Fleet[]

  • Snowing 777-200F (8)
  • Snowing 737-500F (8)

Retired Fleet[]

  • Snowing 727-200 (11,retired 1995)
  • MacDonnel Douglas MD-87 (9,retired 2000)
  • Kupamacha 100 (8, retired 2001)
  • Kupamacha 300 (7, retired 2009)
  • Kupamacha 220 (6, retired 2010)
  • Kupamacha 220E (6,retired 2010)


There are three classes available, President's Club, ContinentalClub, and EconomyClass.

President's Club[]

The President's Club is the first class equivalent of the airline, and is only available on international flights.The class features seats made from leather and have a 39 inch pitch. The seats can recline to 180 degrees, and convert into a small bed. There is also television and radio available, and is provided by TonyAntarctica. There are more than 20 television and 15 radio channels available on board. Passengers also receive free three course meals. As well as free snacks and beverages too. Travellers in this class have access to pre-flight services, priority boarding and access to the UnitedLounge, located at select destinations in Antarctica.