Club Penguin Fan Universe

Vital statistics
Title Agent
Gender Male
Race Adelide Penguin
Faction ?
Health Good.
Level Aged unknown.
Status Alive, under training
Location Club Penguin
Occupation Junior Agent of the PSA
Friends Haley (sister)
Enemies Darktan (tried defeating him)
Archetype Good

Tyson is a junior agent for the PSA and the EPF. He has the appearance of a black penguin and so happens to be Haley's younger brother and apprentice (thus living with his sister). He is usually taken care of by Haley and is often embarrased by Haley in front of her friends. His ultimate dream is to be the greatest secret agent ever. To this date, he has not done a solo mission.


Tyson was born two years after Haley and always believed that the Good Guys would win. He joined the PSA at eight.


He has been involved in the Capturing Darktan project along with his siter, Haley. He has not done a single missionb before but is still highly credited for his involvement in the previous project.


  • He likes pie.

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