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  • Ben 100022 - Kesak's evil Twin
  • Kesak11 - Ben's evil Twin
    • They're both evil!
  • Yorkie - The girl that Ben and Kesak feud over.
    • Someone else gets the girl, though.
  • Barkjon - Tries to help stop Ben and Kesak
  • Code 1125 - Might be in
  • The A-Kong

[[1]] - A Mamma Mia song. It came with the story.

Chapter 1: Ben meets Yorkie[]

Ben was walking down the road listening to "Take a chance on me" by ABBA. He bumped into a peach penguin with a parrot.

"Hi!"She said.

"Hello." Ben said.

"I'm Yorkie."

"I'm Ben."

Ben was in love and the heart popped up. He ran home to tell Kesak, but he never told her name.

"I'm..." Ben started

"Home." Kesak finished slyly

"I met a hot girl today..." Ben started.

"So?" Quilla said.

"Shut!" Ben said

"It!" Kesak said.

They kicked her out... but the next day...

Chapter 2: Kesak meets Yorkie[]

Kesak strolled down the street to the Pizza Parlor on a cold December night he passsed the stage and saw a long line of people waiting for the play "The Twelth Fish".

"Whoa." he muttered.

He ran into another penguin with a peach color and a parrot...

"Hi I'm Yorkie."

"I'm Kesak."

They went seperate ways and Kesak continued to the Pizza Parlor thinking about her. Later she was gone and the Stage was closed the next airing was at 12:00 noon on Christmas day.

"Oh! Why do I bother to see any plays?" He asked himself bumping into Ben waiting outside the Night Club.

"Hey bro." Ben said.

"Hi!" Ben's friend said, low and behold it was Spongebobrocks.

"Hey." Kesak replied noticing Hat Pop, Digi Skymin, and Pat with them.

He had a secret crush on Hat Pop and the new girl Yorkie...

They went into the Night Club to meet DJ Cadence who had a cruch on Kesak which was weird at this time.

"Hello." Cadence said.

"Ya hi." Kesak muttered.

'She apprently likes rude guys' Ben thought.

That night in there igloo...

"So I ran into a girl today her name was... Yorkie" Kesak said.

"That's who I ran into yesterday" Ben said.

"She's mine!" They said together.

"Nope she is mine" Ben said.

"Who do I get, Hat Pop or Cadence?" Kesak asked.

"Cadence." Ben finished as he walked to his room.

Ben and Kesak's Fight[]

We resume...

"She is mine!" Ben yelled.

"No!" Kesak screamed.

"Whoa. Guys. I. Have. Never. Seen. You. Do. This!" The A-kong said.

Ben punched Kesak. Kesak upper jabbed Ben.

"Fine. I will choose who I want... Ben." Yorkie said.

Resolved so quick? I don't think so...