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The country's full, proper title.
MottoPan'in Tahithun (Penguins United)
AnthemCosii Ra Hu'u Bati(You rock)
Royal anthemCosi Ra Hu'u Takicham(You are awesome)
Largest city Su'rasu
Official languages Tusaman
Recognised regional languages t.
Species  High Penguins, Piffles, Gentoo Penguins
Demonym Tusaman
Government Olgiarchy
 -  Consul Karum Tukaib(Last one)
 -  Consul Penj Ura(Last one)
Legislature None. The Consuls make laws
It was a tribe that became very powerful
 -  The day it was taken over by Um .690 B.C. 
 -  Signed Peace treaty with two other powerful tribes 750 B.C. 
 -  .  
 -  . km2 
5,000 sq mi 
 -  Water (%) 10% (in rivers)
Currency Sema
Drives on the None
Calling code None

Tusama was the first olgiarchy in the history of Antarctica. It did not cover all of Antarctica. The rest was covered by the countries of Semer and Ukab. It fell in 690 B.C. when Um took it over.


Long ago, there was a powerful tribe called the Ukab. They dominated lots of other tribes. The Tusa and the Mak were afraid of being taking over. So they had to merge to form a country called Tusama. They took over other tribes and were getting dangerouls close to Ukab. Ukab signed a peace treaty with the Tusamans. By 1,100 B.C., Tusama covered a large portion of east Antarctica. Ukab dominated the north, whereas the Semer, a tribe that won independence from Ukab, dominated the west. The country lasted for another 410 years until Um took it over in 690 B.C.


The currency was the Sema. It was used by Ukab and Semer too, though it was worth more in Ukab and less in Semer.




Flag, Motto, and Anthem[]


It was an oligarchy.(Rule of the Rich) The leaders were consuls, who were chosen from rich penguins.


The main residents were High Penguins. There were also Gentoo Penguins, although they were used as slaves until 710 B.C. Puffles were popular.



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