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Turtle Shells
Turtle Shells image
Some turtle shells
Vital statistics
Type Clothes, home, and thrower
Effects Variety
Source Home for puffles, food
Location 1-5
Cost to buy 172
Cost to sell 165

Turtle Shells come from the bottom of Shield Sea.They are very useful and can be a home for a puffle. The selling of shells has been banned in the USA, but artificial turtle shells are now sold instead.


Penguins long ago ate them. Rockhopper might have at least one under all his treasure in the hold. Different colors have different powers. Professer Turtleheimer might be related. Also, as above, could be a home for a puffle.

A ban on selling[]

Mayor Crush, of Turtle Island, was shocked at the selling of shells, and asked the South Pole Council about it.The selling of real shells was banned and now only artificial shells are sold. They look the same as the real ones.


  • Diana111 may had made a recipe about turtle shells in pie. It was then destroyed due to this sole reason: Fred hates pie.
  • Professor Turtleheimer protests against using dead turtle bones in anything.
  • The former nation of Turtly used fake Turtle Shells as currecny, as well as plastic Crab Claws..

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