Club Penguin Fan Universe

Ttamorules in front of some mountains
Vital statistics
Title The Subsistute DJ
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Good Guys
Health Healthy
Level 200291000
Status Liking cheese
Location Club Penguin Island

Ttamorules is the subsitue DJ at the Nightclub on Club Penguin Island. He has a heavy addiction for cheese, especially Iceberg Cheddar.


Early Years[]

Ttamorules was hatched in the year 1992, 3rd of December, to two cheese makers. At an early age he had a huge craving for cheese, scoffing down lots of Leicester, Edam and especially Medium Cheddar. He ate so much he practically ran his parents out of buisness!

At the human equivilant of three, on his third birthday, he was a given a miniature, toy DJ Booth, which he would play on for hours while munching on the dairy products he loved so much. He soon began to amaze his relatives when he started mixing some rather complicated tunes, which landed him a place in the most proffesional DJ School in all of Antartica later in life.

School Years[]

At the human equivilant of six, he started going to DJ School. There he was taught how to scratch discs by a rather impatient yellow penguin called M.C Yellow. Due to the teacher's impatience his students were forced to pull off really quick songs. It was until Ttamorules decided to break out of this rule by scratching for two hours during one session. This got him expelled.

He began to homeschool himself, doing what he used to do as a chick, scratch discs while consuming piles of cheese. He started to become a proffesional DJ and begun to perform at the yearly Music Jam that took place on Club Penguin.

Nightclub Years[]

At the human eqivilant of 15, he met Crow, the DJ of the local Nightclub. Crow was in need of a good vacation after a huge party at the club tired him out. Ttamorules asked if he could subsitute while the Chantham Islands Penguin went on a holiday to South Island.

He became a huge succsess at the Nightclub, and even got a V.I.P Pass to meet the Penguin Band! They signed his jacket with their band name that he still wears to this day. After Crow got back from his holiday, he was impressed by the adelie DJ's work, and allowed him to become the subsitute DJ of the club (Though he did ask to be paid in cheese.)


  • Ttamorules' feather colour was due to a disaster with cheeseburgers at the huamn equivilant of three. His orginal feather colour was orange.