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Troublesome Trio- The Game image
Box art
Vital statistics
Type Video Game
Effects Addiction
Source PGA
Location Every store
Cost to buy 100 coins
Cost to sell 60 coins

Troublesome Trio- The Game is a popular game in the USA. The game is manafactured by Happyface in the early months of 2002


It is based on the adventures of The Troublesome Trio. You must play all the operations in order to battle the boss.


Mission Name Description Characters Notes
GET BACK HAPPYFACE! Happyface is captured by The Ghost Gang, and you gotta get him back. Explorer, Barkjon, Fred Happyface was replaced by Fred.
Revenge is Sweet The Ghost Gang declared war agaisnt you. You must prank them. Find all the equipment you need and perform Operation Ditto on them! Explorer, Barkjon, Happyface Only time Fred is not seen in the Trio's headquarters.
Recruit Persuade Flystar to return to the Trio to help prank Darktan Explorer, Metalmanager, Happyface Barkjon was on vacation, so Metalmanager took his place.
You Got Pranked Someone mysteriously breaks into the HQ, and you gotta find out who and prank them. Be careful, the Ghost Gang broke out of prison! Explorer, Barkjon, Happyface, ??? (Fred, Metalmanager, Flystar) You may pick one honorary member to help you.
Operation Fizzle Perform Operation Fizzle on Newman. Explorer, Barkjon, Happyface The most normal mission.
The First Encounter Sad-Face 141 has captured the Trio. ESCAPE FROM HIS dumpster LAIR! Explorer, Barkjon, Happyface First appearence of Sad-Face.
Puffle Power Explorer's puffles have been stolen. Happyface and the gang must get them back. Fred, Barkjon, Happyface Explorer went off on his own to look for the puffles, so he was replaced by his brother.
Total War The Trio is sent to an alternate dimension, where they have to fight a war to get out. Will they survive the first battle? Explorer, Barkjon, Happyface The alternate dimension is ruled by Mabel.
A Loss to the Trio Halfway through the mission, Happyface is injured and is left behind. Many people think he's dead. Is he? Explorer, Barkjon, Happyface (half of mission), Rebel Member (other half of mission) In this level, you lead the forces of the rebellion against Mabel against the elite troopers of Mabel.
The Masked Wanderer A Masked person saves the Trio. Play as him again and save the USA. Explorer, Barkjon, Masked Person Mabel was overthrown and replaced by Darktan.
The Return of Happyface The masked wanderer is fighting when his mask is torn off. It is actually Happyface, who didn't die. Explorer, Barkjon, Happyface, Fred, Flystar, Rebel Member, Metalmanager All members are played as.
Return to Home The final battle is the last thing in their path. Can they return home? The roster is the same as the last mission. BOSS LEVEL (BosS: Darktan)
Sad Face The Trio meets Sad-Face again, who is responsible for their war injuries. He kidnapped Jonesworth. Explorer, Barkjon, Happyface BOSS LEVEL (Boss: Sad-Face)
National Prankster Day The Trio is celebrating their victory! But today, the Ghost Gang challenged them to prank as many people as possible. BEAT THEM AT ALL COSTS!!! Explorer, Barkjon, Happyface You need to perfrom Operation Pepper's Ghost on 30 people at the same time by the end of the level.
BOF RAID The Ghost Gang raids the BoF. The Trio have to fight them out of there. Explorer, Barkjon, Happyface The BOF members help you throughout the level (Mayor McFlapp narates various objects to hit baddies, Director Benny disapproves a trio member right when the trio needs that member most (but McFlapp reapproves them not long afterwards), Illustrator Keith draws weapons to aid the trio (but often get scribbled over and unusable, as Keith's phobias often get to him in the middle of drawing), Billybob gives the trio a pencil to erase enemies with, and DJ X makes the enemies' ears hurt with his soundtrack.)

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