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Three identical buildings interconnected.
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Vital statistics
Type Company headquarters
Level Ranges from Office worker to CEO
Location Antarctic Penninsula
Inhabitants Employees of Triangle Systems Coorp.

The Triscraper is the headquarters of Triangle Sytems Coop. It is famous for actually consisting of three identical buildings, each three stories high, and containing three hundred workers. Triangle Sytems Coop is a small company, after all.


The founder of Triangle Sytems had big dreams, and a decent budget. He had these buildings built on his family's land, off in the Antarctic Penninsula. This landmark is also the tallest building in the town that the founder calls home. The Triscraper is also the pride of the town.


Each building is identical and contains three stories. The left building and right building are entirely for office work, but the middle building serves a different purpose.

The first story of the middle building is a lobby. The second third stories of the middle building are the home of the founder.

There are rumors of a basement under the complex, linking them and containing secrets.


The Trsicraper holds all of the workers currently employeed by Triangle Systems Coop, plus the founder. They plan on expanding very soon, as well, having branches across the state.

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