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Trickster's Terrible Song is a song Trickster456 made after finding a certificate inside his Burger Khan meal. It is sung by Mister Pensei Oddbraun.


My name is Trickster456. I have a bottle of ketchup, his awesome name is jack! I am very lazy so I used a wet marker It is very wet! It is very wet! What is that colorful smell? lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalallaalallalalalalaalalalalala Elmo! I am a boy, I don't have a job! Mandy Mandy Mandy! Mandy is strong! Robert O'vian, ends this song, It's almost over, you win this round, Abel!


  • Flywish: This is the worst song I've heard since polka!
  • Raven: Was Pensei forced to write this? I'm sure he was since he would never sing such a bad song!
  • Randon Penguin: AHHHH! It's in my head!
  • Some Puffle dating Mandy: This song makes me think of you *Mandy beats him up*
  • Elderly Penguin: I love today's tunes! claps flippers
  • Corai: IT BURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!
  • Akbaboy - 0_o. I need to wash my eyeballs.
  • Katy Spitz: Seriously? Compared to my music, it totally reeks.
  • Gruff: Out of all the bad music I've heard, this has to be the worst!
  • WishFlyX: I hate this song but I must have it! It is worth torturing someone with!
  • Slendar: This song may have been a bad song. But 'tis good for pranking.


  • Robert O'vian personally hates this song but acts like he likes it around Trickster.