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Treaty of Dorkugal
Treaty of Dorkugal image
The Treaty
Vital statistics
Participants Triskelle, Other Delagates from the Free Republics
Date May 25, 2003
Location South Pole Council Hall, Freezeland, MAI

The Treaty of Dorkugal was one of the most historical events in USA history. It added the Free Republics to the country. But, there was much cointreauversy over it, mainly in Freezeland.

The Event[]

Chapter One: The Idea Egg Hatches[]

It was an average day in the newly rebuilt South Pole Council hall. It had been burned down by the Archetians in the War of 2002. The Council was discussing all of the countries around the Kyrotcraic Republic.

"They are as valuble to the USA as pi is to maths!" said Fred, who was filling in for his twin brother Explorer, along with Explorer's purple cukoo puffle, Mabel.

"I agruh," Spoke up the highest authority, Judge Xavier. "Weh need thus othuh Rehpublics!"

"Well, we cant just barge in and take them!" Said 24Keyser.

"But we can capture them and force them to sign a treaty!!!" Mabel exclaimed. Everyone knew she had issues.

Everyone stared at her.

"Well, what are you ¶Ω♩♫☞∏Δ illiests waiting for‽‽‽‽"

Everyone rushed around, running around the tables, throwing pies at each other, while Mabel stared and Judge Xavier began to stroke his pet chair, Jonesworth.

"ORDUH! OOOOOORRRRRDUUUUUUUHH!!!!" Xavier yelled, banging his gavel on Mabel's head.

"Y'knuh, Mabul, dats quite a good ideuh!"

"Finally, someone recognises my brilliance." Mabel said happily.


Judge Xavier banged his gavel on the desk.

Chapter Two[]

Judge Xavier said to fetch the leaders of the countries, and so everyone did.

Explorer went to fetch Triskelle, Mabel went to fetch the Dorkugese CEO, Fred went to fetch Zeus, and they fetched the other leaders as well.


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