Club Penguin Fan Universe
Trainee image1
Rookie's "twin" brother, Trainee
Vital statistics
Title Trainee
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Unknown
Health Pretty good
Level Unknown
Status Attempting to destroy Club Penguin
Location Unknown, somewhere in Club Penguin

Trainee is the younger, and much eviler twin of Rookie. He is very unlucky, just like his brother. He is currently at his secret base, the location of which is unknown.


Trainee was born a few hours after his older brother, Rookie. Because everyone had already discovered how unlucky (and destructive) Rookie was, the penguins of Antarctic Peninsula put Trainee in a cage, for his and, more importantly, everyone else's safety. Trainee remained in this cage for most of his life and was almost forgotten about. Occasionally, his parents would throw in a book or two for Trainee to read, which, in the end, lead to Trainee becoming rather intelligent, but not intelligent enough to stop himself being so clumsy. But, because of being in there for so many years, he was still quite insane.

One day, Rookie went to train as an Agent and Trainee managed to sneak out of his cage and follow Rookie to the HQ. After a while, Rookie passed, but Trainee did not. He kept trying for over half a year, but with no success. After his 100th failed test, he escaped to the wild and found a cave to make his secret base. He forever held a grudge against Club Penguin and is forever formulating plans to destroy it, hardly any of which even slightly work.


All of Trainee's plans to destroy Club Penguin have been foiled, often by himself and his clumsy-ness. For this reason, the PSA don't take much notice of him.


  • Some call him an 'inverted Rookie', as his glasses and propellor cap are the same colour as Rookie's penguin colour and vice versa.
  • He has a pet black puffle, the name of which isn't known.
  • The cave he uses as a base was formerly Herbert's base, until Herbert moved to a bigger cave.
  • No, he was not sent by the BoF. He is really Rookie's brother.

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