Club Penguin Fan Universe
Train wreak '07
Vital statistics
Prerequisites Investigate the station
Level 1
Location Bobtropica
Rewards Medal, Rare oil can
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N/A Train wreak '08

Train wreak '07 is the first mission in the Train wreak series.


A train with lots of oil tanks have been lost. Report to G at the train station in South Pole City

-Mission screen


  1. Talk to G at the train station.
  2. Go to the back of the station and get the timetable.
  3. Get the coins behind the pot plant.
  4. Go to the ticket station and buy a ticket to "The wreak".
  5. Board the train.
  6. Talk to the penguin reading the newspaper.
  7. Tell him that you're an agent.
  8. Get the key the penguin gives you.
  9. Go to the front of the train and give the key to the driver and tell him that it's for the toilet.
  10. While he's gone, pull the red lever when the light turns green and get the "TRAIN PASS" on the seat.
  11. Get off the train.
  12. Go to the control booth across the tracks.
  13. Swipe the "TRAIN PASS".
  14. Note the location of the red train.
  15. Get back in the train.
  16. Go to the driver's area.
  17. Push the red lever.
  18. When the light turns green, pull the lever.
  19. Get a ticket at the booth to the location of the red train.
  20. Board the next train.
  21. Get off at the next station (which will be abandoned).
  22. Go to the train thats parked.
  23. Tell them that everyone thinks that the train is missing.
  24. The train will speed off.
  25. Click one of the oil tanks.
  26. Get off at the factory.
  27. Tell G about it and he will teleport you.



The oil got to the factory and the oil was put in the train engines for tomorrow.

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