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The Time Travel Staff
The Time Travel Staff
Vital statistics
Type Staff
Effects Time Travel
Source Time Agency
Location With Ben Hun
Cost to buy Priceless
Cost to sell Priceless

The Time Travel Staff is a powerful rod discovered by Ben Hun. By twirling it clockwise or counterclockwise, this mysical artifact can in fact transport its wielder through time. It is highly unstable and dangerous and could destroy the universe.


The Staff was developed by the Time Agency on a slow day. Its purpose was to allow for portable travel, without the need for returning to a central hub to travel with. However, the professionals were involved with more important manners. They left the creation of the Staff to newly-employeed workers. The result was a glitched, dangerous, and unstable item that left damage in the fourth dimension (AKA time) and tunnelled through the continuium recklessly and dangerously.

Description and operation[]

The Staff looks rather plain. It grants the user the power of time travel. The staff is glitched, dangerous, and unstable. Using it tears an uneven, unstable hole in the fourth dimension (AKA time), when one twirls it, they are propelling themselves through a dimension that wasn't even supposed to be crossed, without any protection. Suddenly changing directions with it (or worse, dropping the staff while twirling) could damage, or even kill, the user.

The staff's operation is simple enough. One must first slam its bottom end on the ground, until the thing on top glows. Then, the penguin must start waddling, and begin twirling the staff in the desired direction directly in front of them. Twirling it clcokwise sends the user forward in time, counterclockwise sends them backwards. The faster the staff is twirled, the faster and farther back the user goes. The penguin should see everything starting to slow down around them, and stretch out and elongate. Ahead of them, a black circle should open up. While twirling the Staff, the user must dash to the circle and jump in. They no longer have to run, but they mustn't halt twirling the staff in the same direction until the reach their destination.

Furthermore, there is no indicator that the traveller is in the right period; simply put, it is all guesswork. A user might aim for 1999 but end up in 1912 by accident, because he or she didn't stop correctly.


According to Ben Hun, the staff is an "ancient Hun relic" that's infused with power and can be used without danger. Yeah, right.

Time travel tunelling comparison


However, Kwiksilver and the BOF Department of Time beg to differ. They have provided a conveinent graph in this article to show the dangers of unstable travel.

Consider it this way. By our theories, picture space-time as a big mountain. The time traveler is digging through it. Rory could easily tell you that a straight tunnel that doesn't cross or sway is safer to build. Poorly dug tunnels could damage the mountain and cause it to collapse in on itself. Now, imagine that your "digging" in the fourth dimension. Time travel isn't even supposed to work, so we are unsure at how stable spacetime actually is. The universe as a whole always seeks to fix and balance itself. Any tunnel made by a time traveler will seal and remove itself eventually. The Doctor's heals instantly, while others can take hours or days. This isn't so with the Staff. From what we can gather, the Staff's travel is virtually irreparable. It tunnels so poorly that the universe takes- get this -fifty years to fix a single tunnel! Too many tunnels will cause a cave in... -and then... uhh... well, let's not get into that. Also, each time it loops, there is a chance that the travel could stop and eject the user there, cutting his travel short and requiring him to make ANOTHER tunnel!

Now, take a look at the diagrams, and remember, the purple one is the Staff. While Doctor Hickory's TARDIS (yellow) makes a perfect tunnel, the Staff (purple), even when twirled properly to go one way, will throw itself uo and down, left and right, bending backwards on itself and even landing at the destination and yet still going back and forth. Even black magic (dark color), which can't travel much without sending its user back to their starting point, is more efficient. Look how it makes a perfect straight loop. White magic (white) is also a bit crazy, but it only goes back on itself once, and reaches the destination without crossing. It's pretty sad when a Str00del contraption (dark red), a sofaa {green} and a pranking item beats you in safety.

— Kwiksilver

The Staff lacks the proper components of a legal time machine, which are a Time Gear, a Procrastinator, and a Space Ripper. The Staff's Time Gear is REALLY old. It's probably even older than the Hun clan itself, perhaps even the BoF! This means it won't work properly when put to use -- it might take off into a different era and leave the Staff and its user behind, or even eject from the Staff mid-transit! The Staff doesn't even have a Space Ripper or Procrastinator, let alone one in working condition. Without the Space Ripper, who knows what the Time Gear could take with it! It could send all of Antarctica's population into the year 3000, or it could simply fly into the past and destroy itself! And without a Procrastinator.... well, that's exactly why the Staff's path is so darn erratic. It can't properly control the flow of time without a working Procrastinator. Ben really needs to fix this relic up, or he'll be in some hot water.
— Official Department of Time Representative


  • It's rather plain looking don't you think?
  • It was discovered by Ben Hun in a unknown location. Apparently, theives got ahold of it and sold it on the black market. Ben aquired it through these means.
  • Kwiksilver states that this device is most probably stolen from the Time Agency. He is constantly trying to retrieve it, but will not give it back to the agency as it has become corrupt.
  • It is owned by Ben Hun... technically.
  • Ben Hun states that he will not allow Kwiksilver, or anyone else, to retrive the Time Travel Staff.
  • Being Kwiksilver's protege and apprentice, Willy the Penguin has often tried to retrive the staff also.
  • Even EDFan12345, for some reason, has tried to retrieve it for Kwiksilver.
  • The BOF also assists Kwisksilver in his attempts, but they request that he hand it over to them first for testing and possible limitation of powers. The Department of Time frequently complains that the staff is messing up their work.
  • Ben Hun built the Doom Bots to protect it.
  • Kwiksilver doesn't know it, but the Time Agency wants to destroy it because of its flaws.
This stick is a destroyer of worlds. Every time someone uses it causes trouble for the almighty masters. If Kwiksilver or Willy aquire it, we request that it's handed over.
— The Time Agency


The Time Travel Staff is located in The Hole, where it is guarded by all sorts of nasty traps. As such, the only chance to snag it back is when it is with Ben Hun (like in his inventory) or not stored there.

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