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Tiger Tea
A steaming cup of Tea.
Vital statistics
Type drink
Effects Restorative powers, perkiness, yummy
Source Psyche's mom
Location Psyche's house
Cost to buy can't be bought
Cost to sell can't be sold

Tiger Tea is a popular drink for Psyche and her band, BriarXthorne. It's not actually made of tigers, and the ingredients are secret except for the oranges and licorice. It's also popular with her family, and she makes it sometimes for Theangol Anator because of the healing powers.


Tiger Tea heals the one who drinks it, and it also makes them perkier and more active. It has tiger stripes because of the orange and licorice.


  • It can be iced easily for a refreshing drink on a summer day.
  • Rock pops stir it best.

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