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Tiger Penguin is the great penguin that is orange with black stripes that lives on Tiger Island. He is a character in many myths, many of which are bad, but he is actually a laid-out penguin. Snakesy1 discovered this.

Early Life[]

Nobody knew much of Tiger's early life until he revealed his life story in a book. He was born, and raised in the ways of a true ninja, who ate raw fish for breakfast, and Mullet's for dinner. He learned to survive on his own. Not even Tiger knows how his feathers are orange with black stripes, but he does know that he is thought of as a ferocious penguin.

"In reality, I'm not all that ferocious. I just look mean. Which is kinda cool. It helped me get through life. I'm hungry." -Tiger

Tiger found the island he lives on because he wanted to own something, but everything else today was taken. Now, he trains people. He's cool.

Building the island[]

He worked hard and long on the island, and finally finished. He invited Leopard to the island, and together they made it awesome. They currently are working on a HUGE water slide. Tiger is a master at card jitsu V,and plays it frequently. He is a great ninja warrior,and has only been beaten by Snakesy1.


Tiger is involved in many horror tales. Here are some:

In one, The Great Tiger Attack, he is thought of as the tiger penguin who led the sharks into Tiger Island many years ago. His response literally is what ever.

In Tiger Mauls Construction Penguin, Something looking like a tiger attacked a contstruction worker penguin. Tiger denies any involvement.

Tiger's bad life[]

He has admitted to robbing, driving with no liscence, and that sort. HE is actually an illegal ninja, but pulverizes the cops who try to arrest him.

Tiger also can be ferocious, when back in the day, some evil ninjas invaded tiger Island. He showed the power of the ninja. Without laying a flipper on them, ghe destroyed half of the army. Afterwards, he crushed the rest with a giant waffle.

Tiger today[]

He currently writes books about himself, the Island, and even Snakesy1. He is also the leader of the World Class Ultimate Ninja Skills Of Penguins in Antarctica society. He calls it the WCUNSOPIA. His response to the name is:

"Tough name. I didn't come up with that gibber-gabber."

Tiger resides on Tiger Island, but refuses to give a correct map.

"Find it. Snakesy1 and that fat Weirdal6 did. You can too."

Weirdal6's response to this is:

"I am not fat. Slightly large, but not fat."

Tiger also wrote a poem:

Roses are red, Violets are Blue, Some Poems rhyme, This one doesn't."