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Tiger Island
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Vital statistics
Type Island
Level Mountainous, nobody is sure.
Location Unknown
Inhabitants Many subdivisions of penguins, fish, birds.

Tiger Island is an unknown island north of Club Penguin that is not deemed a country or part of. Although Snakesy1 and scrolls in caves around Eastshield confirmed its existence, it is still being testified whether it is truly an area or actually an area that has been recognized under these statistics. It is notable for its legends, both ancient and urban.

Tiger Island has undergone a fire within the past five years and is experiencing revamp.


Hardly known, but a scroll tells us that the original founder was a penguin named Tigronimous I, which in Tiger language means, "Tiger King the First." Tigronimous I made the eastern side, and his son expanded. No part of the western side is inhabited by the main population.


The unofficial capital of Tiger Island is 'Burmenghams'. Other cities include Tiger Candy City (set up by King Candy), Crosstivia and Megizon. Northern Hathacane was also a city, located in the east of the island, but was eventually destroyed by the Tiger Island Fire. It was then the second largest city.

A legendary dojo is located in the middle of the island. On the wall it was written, There are walls made of wood, rooms with literal floating things, and items made of silk. The curtains are heavy and the place has a huge lake."


Burmenghams is the capital of Tiger Island. The city is as half as big as Club Penguin. Most of the city is filled with houses, tents, huts et. cetra. Several 'buildings', technically very big, long and strong huts, are located in the heart of the city. Only one building is made of steel, known as the 'Burmenghams Office Tower'.


Crosstivia is a town located in the southern shores of the island. Populated by people, it is renowned-in the country-for its tropical beauty and peacefulness. This was considered to be the birthplace of the first king of Tiger Island, then an unrecognized monarchy, as history claims. A large street market is located in the south of the town, near the beach. It is populated with people every day. That is considered the main trading hub-and the only one-in the town.


Megizon is a town that has a decent number of penguins living in the southeastern part of the island. Named after Harolmegi Zonizika the Third, the town is notable for having an airplane.


The known inhabitats are Snakesy1, that's for sure. Also, Tiger lives here.


  • Sharks
  • Lion Penguin
  • Evil Puffles



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