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Tig image
He looks no different from others...
Vital statistics
Title Tig Puffbell
Gender Male
Race Puffle
Faction Indytig's Puffles
Health Perfect condition
Level 6
Status Being crowded by other puffles
Location Indytig10's Igloo, or being walked

Tig is the most popular of Indytig10's Puffles. He belongs to the Puffbell family, he's the only known member of it besides Poppy.. He's hated by a few of Indytig's puffles for stealing the spotlight. He's very pampered, making him popular.


Tig was born on an unknown date to unknown parents, in an unknown place. He's rumored to have been from Rockhopper Island, but this isn't proven. He was herded by Indytig, and then adopted by Indytig around the beginning of June. He gained popularity almost instantly, except from Ultima and Ballistic, who hated him from taking away their popularity. That's when Ultima went over to him, bragging that he'd be more popular one day, and perhaps even rule the USA. This made Tig furious, making them mortal enemies. He was able to stop many schemes of Ultima's, like when he tried to trap him in a puffle igloo, when he tried to smash him with some Nummy Cakes that Indytig10 bought, and when he tried to give him Ditto B. (To make him go crazy and lose popularity) He also gave him Ditto A, and succeeded. The plan to have him be submissive to him failed.


He's one of the few puffles going to Eastshield with Indytig10. He's being crowded even more than ever by the puffles who are not going, except Ballistic and Heffalump. He is quite furious that Ultima is going, however.


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