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Tidal Crash (Freezeland)
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Vital statistics
Participants Unlucky competitors
Date Every Wednesday, UTC
Location Snall farmland in Freezeland

Tidal Crash (Freezeland) is an insane game show aired across the USA and in the free republics. Players try to pass various obstacles in the fastest time for the ultimate prize of fifty thousand coins. It has an equally popular counterpart set in the Lichenblossom Isles.


In the Freezeland version, a tern named Jack Handerson serves as the host. This version of the show is filmed in Freezeland and contains a large variety of obstacles.



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  • Big Balls, a painful and funny obstacle. Bounce across big red balls. These were imported directly from Lichenblossom Isles for the Freezeland episodes.
    • The Encourager, a power cord that swings by near the start of the balls. Any penguin who waits to long gets shocked and swiftly jumps, often humorously. It's also made of cheese, and it's often eaten.
      • These items also appear in the Lichenblossom version.

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  • This and its Lichenblossom counterpart are both parodies of the populr show, Wipeout.