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Tickle laser
Tickle lazer image
Laser with long-range barrel.
Vital statistics
Type Hand-held Weapons
Effects tickles, cooks steak
Source Batteries
Location Ecomagic's mind, G's office
Cost to buy 100 coins
Cost to sell 2 coins

The Tickle Laser was created when a bully was going to tickle someone very badly. It was confiscated and sent to G.


It is a laser that tickles someone for a LONG amount of time. It has 3 settings: tickle, medium well(for steak), medium rare(for steak). It is most commonly used to punish bad kids and cook steak extremely well in 3 seconds. To use it, load two AA batteries into the bottom of the handle when the laser is not firing anymore. then choose your setting and fire!


The steak functions do not work on people for some reason. It is preferred to cook steak more than anything else.

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