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Thunder Von Storm
Vhat do vou vant?
Vital statistics
Title Armed Criminal
Gender Male
Race Kanta Penguin
Faction B.A.D.
Health Infinite
Level V
Status Doing bad stuff in UnitedTerra
Location UnitedTerra
Occupation Commander of B.A.D.
Interests Money, robots, and crime.
Friends Any members of B.A.D.
Enemies Do-gooders
Archetype EVIL.

Thunder Von Storm is a criminal, and the founder/commander of B.A.D..


As a chick, Thunder was often bullied by bigger penguins. He was considered a nerd, and was often the victim of violent pranks. One day, he decided to get back on the bullies. He built a small robot to wedgie all the bullies. The result was crying bullies and himself getting expelled from his school. He then ran away from home to stop any bullies, but soon became a bully himself. At the age of 38 (in human years), he founded B.A.D., a mafia gang.


He now goes around with his crew, robbing many banks, stealing items of value, and even tried to blow up a boxing stadium.


  • All of his crimes take place in UnitedTerra, for some reason.
  • He has a soft spot for bricks, apparently.
  • He has a Jacko-like accent- for example, he says 'What do you want?' as 'Vhat do vou vant?'

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