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Headbanging drivers
They like that song in their cd player!
Vital statistics
Title Doofuses!
Gender All make
Race Bean Humans
Faction Str00del Force
Health All perfectly great
Level OVER 9,000
Status head banging and driving
Location on the road driving

The 3 random head banging drivers are 3 bean humans who love to head bang while listing to a weird song in their car.


The three have been friends for years and all drive in the same car everywhere they go. Now they are seen listening to a song called What Is Love. They often get inmhabitents joinign their headbanging antics. They sometimes drive into trees and once injured Herbert while driving.


When they joined the Str00del Force, they used their car as a weapon to squash Darktonian villains. It wasn't lethal, but it didn't feel good...


  • They are the three headbangers from Night on the Roxbury Movie.
  • The song they listen to is often used at partys when they are invited.
  • Tails6000 often goes with them on their trips. And often they race each other, resulting in Tails winning.
  • The song, "What is Love", plays in repeat in their car whenever they are driving.

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