Club Penguin Fan Universe
The Big Building. Yeah...they have to use cookies to symbolize themselves.
Country Here, Nothing
Area 10km2
Monuments The Big Building, The Other Big Building, Mo's Residence
Headquarters Mo's Residence
Neighbourhoods The Moshi Compound, Mo's Residence, You River
Mayor Mo Mac
Population 11
- rank by 2009: 11
Inhabited species Penguin
General information
Native name The City of the 'Future'
Foreign name Moshi City
Demonym Moshian
Founded 2008
- founder Moshi Team
Time zone Now Time Zone (NTZ)
- summer Now Time Zone (NTZ)
Area codes X (no area code)

Then is there, Now is here, what else can you expect? A non-merry cheer?

In a more serious tone, Then is a town that is occupied by the Mochi Team, a team of dedicated experts into researching cookies that Ninjinian eats. This is quite silly, but it is true.


They thought Now needed a counterpart. They were wrong. But they didn't know they were wrong. So they created Then to serve as an extension town for Now, but no one came. Eventually, the Mochi team barged in and made it their own. The Here congress agreed, and thus, it is currently a HQ for the Mochi.


There is no map. If you insist on one, move forward (or downwards).


The International HQ of Mochi is quite a large compound for a small team; two hundred buildings in a small plot of land. One building located outside the compound belongs to governor Mo Mac, whom was supposed to govern the area, but is currently a figurehead.

An attack was launched in 2009, with many buildings being exploded. The number lowered to only two buildings, and the rest of the land formed into a pit, and was filled with water which is now the base of You River.


There are only 11 penguins in the whole community. Mo Mac governs the area, although he allows freedom to all. John Dan is the leader of the Mochi Team, and Mary123 is the secretary.


There are NO villains. The only villain you could find is the large lake, because if you're not careful, you may fall into it! Good thing the current is not tough, and a life tube thing-a-majig is out on the sea. The You River has no waterfall, so you will probably end up in Now if you had never gotten out of that life wheel.


  • The information on Ninjinian's diet is very specatacular; some competing teams tried to steal it, but fell into the lake and were flown to Now.
  • A supply of cookies is available in the compound.
  • Trees and abundant sand is scattered around the compound, along with a fresh supply of water from the lake.
  • Penguin waste is usually found near at the bottom of the large lake. It serves as nutrients for the trees on land.
  • A flask containing Ditto B is found near the compound, and thankfully, it has not leaked into the lake.

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