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The X Leader is The Leader's X-Antibody. When he was born, if you know what I mean, his feathers were grey. later, this turned to white and then, Dark Black. Despite the fact that he looks evil, he's quite friendly. His identity had to be changed by law and he goes by the name of Maxwellx Jonex. He was, again by law, to become a cop and a agent. Now, he works for justice and law but can sometimes get a bit crazy about his job and would often arrest people for minor crimes, like downloading free music or not paying parking tickets, rather then just have a quick talk with them. He even has his own TV show: Tough Justice. He lives in a wooden house in New North Etana, which he built himself. Of course, very few no about his real identity.


Like many, The Leader was infected with the X virus. A strange thing that it happened a exactly 12:00am at UTC. It was until the last day that he realized that he had it:

The Leader: Oh boy. Plans to take over the world. Come on think. Hmm... I need the loo.

(The Leader walks into the bathroom. He looks at the mirror and notices a strange X)

The Leader: Oh my! I got it. Ahhhhhhhh!

(The Leader sneezes a strange grey substance)

The X Leader: Hello! My name is The X Leader!

The Leader: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You can have the keys. This one is for the car! Now go thief!

The X Leader: Well thanks but I'm not a...

The Leader: Just go! --- The X Leader took the car to the USA. He was arrested by the PSA the same day. Soon, he went under his secret identity, Maxwellx Jonex. His career in the PSA and the police force had started. He was sent to New North Etana.


Currently, he serves under the PSA and the police force in branch called the Destruction of All Evil Team branch (DAET). He takes his job very seriously.


  • Secretly, X Leader is a mild Fashist who is very concerned about the way he looks. He tries to stay in touch with the trendiest fashions.
  • Although he dislikes her bossing and some of what she makes him wear, he nonetleless takes Emily's advice very seriously.
  • He is one of the few X-Antibodies that do not wear flowing robes.

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