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VGA Awards 2010
VGA 2009 grey bg
The yearly logo for the awards. It was designed by Yusei..
Awarded for A VGA in Gaming topics
Presented by Yusei & Tyson Negyellor
Country UnitedTerra
Location Neo Domino City
First awarded 2009
Last awarded 2009
Currently held by Unknown

The Video Game Awards 2010, informally called VGA Awards 2010 is an yearly event that gives out awards for video games in certain categories. The event is usually held in the UnitedTerra. Hundreds of penguins from the USA & other places in the UTR which the show isn't being held at come to the event. This is the first ever video game award show & awards, which is being held in Neo Domino City. Next years - 2010 - VGA's will take place in New Club Penguin.

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