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The Underground City
Vital statistics
Location Dorkugal, A strange underground city nicknamed "Jerkugal"
Rewards Dorkhopper, A diamond studded gold cup
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Fisch Hochstadt and the Jade Puffle

The Underground City is a book told by Water Sensei (without Haiku) about his adventure with the Well Known Adventurer and Best Friend, Fisch Hochstadt. Both Friends come across a new friend and a strange underground city.


This story the most memorable time in history for me, Water Sensei, not Fisch. We had a wonderful time, in all the places that we were at. Fisch always loved adventures, especially ones that you had to go on quests for. I even met him during one of his, and we have had our own too. In Particular, the one I wrote this book about, is my favorite. All this started on an average day. I was sitting on a rock right next to the waterfall near the Dojo. I was going to teach Fisch another lesson of water, until he came running into the clearing, all excited. He told me that he wanted to visit Dorkugal, and try to see the mystical magic that it possessed. I agreed that the trip would be interesting, but first I wanted to teach him that water lesson. The Next day, we headed for Dorkugal, arriving at Noon. Little did we know of what we were about to face.....

Chapter 1:Dorkugal Street Fight[]

"What are we do to now, young one?" I asked Fisch in our hotelroom. He was unpacking, and it was already 5:30 PM. We didn't eat lunch yet since Fisch wanted to explore a bit. We already saw everything in the area, what I thought to be a waste of time. Now, we had nothing to do for the remaining days on Dorkugal.