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The Two Trees of Valinor, named Telperion (the Silver Tree) and Laurelin (the Gold Tree), brought happiness to the Land of the High Penguins during the days of the High Penguin Confederacy. They were destroyed by Malcur and Opacus.

Creation and Destruction[]

A long, long time ago , a bunch of penguins, collectively the "High Penguins" lived in misery. Day in and day out, they were simply miserable. They had no source of joy, and they really wanted something to lift their spirits.

Thus, the High Penguins went to the south pole and had Yavana sing Two Trees into existence. They named the silver one "Telperion" and the golden one "Laurelin". The Trees sat on a hill located near the south pole. They grew in the presence of all of the High Penguins, and were watered by Nienna.

Telperion had dark leaves (silver on one side) and its silvery dew was collected as a source of water and of light. Laurelin had gold-trimmed leaves and its dew was likewise collected by Luce.

This dew was used for the High Penguin's swimming pool.

The Trees pretty much made their day, and to thank Yavana and Vesper, the High Penguins promised to embed great power in each Tree, so when they left, they too could enjoy the plants. They did. For a good long while, the High Penguins were so happy, and life was grand. Each morning they came and collected the dew, emptied it into their swimming pool, and in the evening, they would all gather around these special plants and sing songs.

However, Malcur was jealous of the joy these trees brought, and enlisted the help of Opacus to destroy the Two Trees. Concealed in a cloud of darkness, Melkor cut down each Tree and Opacus subsequently ate them.

After the trees were cut down, the High Penguins fufilled their promise to Yavana and Nieanna. They took the last bits of dew from their swimming pool, and with a bit of love, processed The Silmarils. These jewels went on to power the Elemental Amulets.


  • According to tradition, the "song" that Yavana sang to grow the Trees was called "Ea Ecce Arachidis Butyron Gelare Aevum!". Roughly translated, she sang "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" in Latin.

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