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The Statue of Knowledge
The Statue of Education image
Knowledge is Power
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Vital statistics
Type Monument
Location Edge of Dorkugal
Inhabitants None

The Statue of Education is a monument to learning, sitting on the fringe of Dorkugal. Traditionally, this is the place where the Dorkugese first set foot on the island. It now stands out, facing the sea.


  • It was claimed to be a "pillar of knowledge".
  • Dorkugal originally made a bet with Pengolia, to see if they can truly build BIG.
  • Have they had lost, a giant statue of Penghis Khan would be placed on the island instead.
  • It was modeled after numerous anonymous penguins to create one "true penguin".


Explorer once made a joke about the statue, saying the following:

"Well, knowledge is power, right? And power corrupts, right? Well, then, that means knowledge corrupts."

No one laughed. Explorer didn't mind, though, he said that he, too, thought the joke was pretty lame. Some even caught that as offensive.


  • There is a small poem engraved on a plaque underneath the statue. It reads:

Not like the minute warrior of Pengolian fame,
With conquering flippers astride from land to land;
Here at our filtered, golden seas shall stand
A mighty nerd armed with polygon, whose interior angles
Are the imprisoned Ditto, and his name
Father of Staticians. From his cosine-flipper
Glows continental calculus; his glass-covered eyes command
The fluorescent-lit seashore that cloud cities frame.
"Keep, primitive colonies, your greedy misers!" cries he
With silent beak. "Give me your dull, your unintelligent,
Your packed noobs yearning to PWN,
The wretched, pretending orphans that teem in your shops.
Send these, the dummies, for me to own,
I lift my tangent beside the amethyst door!"

Not many penguins know what the poem means, but it just sounds cool to them.


Other than skua gangs doing "the bird thing" on the statue, nothing.

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