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The Snow Gang is a band that Snowed Under, Icicle Man and Snow Machine play in.

Who plays what?[]


The Snow Gang have played many concerts, but their most famous one was by far the one on Floor 8 of Auzziez Rulez's Mansion Igloo. Other concerts include:

  • Lighthouse Stage, 09/05/2009
  • Auzziez Rulez's Mansion Igloo, 04/08/2009 (Birthday concert for their owner)
  • Cove, on surfboards??? 02/09/2009
  • Mountain, 16/09/2009
  • Night Club, 31/10/2009 (Halloween concert)
  • Lighthouse Stage, 01/12/2009 (Benefit concert)
  • Pizza Parlor Rooftop, 25/12/2009 (Christmas concert)
  • Dojo Courtyard, 01/01/2010 (New Year concert)

Upcoming Concerts[]

  • Unknown Destination, 12/02/2010
  • Unknown Destination, 29/04/2010


  • Five Dollar Million
  • Compound Notes
  • Puffle's Lifetime
  • To: Auzziez Rulez From: The Snow Gang
  • You Make Me MAD!
  • Welcome To Horror Mansion
  • Diddy Spin
  • U Tel Ur Fasse Gudbaii
  • Magnetic Horses and Metal Bunyips
  • A Future Riddle
  • N000000000!
  • Tell Me 'Bout It


  • U Tel Ur Fasse Gudbaii
  • Animal and Penguffle