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The Sleeping Cobra
Picture 1
The cobra himself....
Vital statistics
Title The Sleeping Cobra
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Villian
Health Unknown
Level -0
Status In hiding
Location Whereabouts are not known.
Occupation Villainy
Powers Able to induce instant slumber
Friends No one
Enemies Agent T
Archetype Evil

The Sleeping Cobra is a brown, brown-belt, penguin. He is able to make anyone fall asleep instantly, merely by by grabbing their beak. He was later on captured my the PSA. Weeks later, though, he escaped, and no one knows where he is. Some penguins suspect that the fabled EPF has his location. Some of his contraptions include a coin-hypnotizer, and a time traveling brain-washer.

Picture 2

He was last seen here


No one really knows where The Sleeping Cobra came from, or who he is. He only shows his face occasionally to try and take over Club Penguin. The Sleeping Cobra is usually foiled by Agent T and Agent N, two top agents in both the EPF and PSA. He is not fully evil, like Sanity1 (A.K.A. Sanity Penguin), but he is a threat to Club Penguin.

It is unknown why he wants to dominate the island: perhaps he was hacked as a child, or perhaps he never had any friends. Agent N (friend of Agent T) once deduced that they could use one of The Sleeping Cobra's time machines to find out what his name is and why he wants to take over.

Using the time machine, they managed to learn the following:

When he was a young penguin, The Sleeping Cobra was often made fun of, because of his belief in ninjas (this was after Penguin Chat 3 gave way to the modern CP, and Ninjas became mythical). He was also hacked by hackers such as Sanity1 and MicroChip.

He was excellent at Card-Jitsu, but was defeated as a brown belt because his mind was on an upcoming party, and he was not concentrating on the game. He was upset because he thought that he was worthy enough to be a ninja. One night, he sneaked into Sensei's personal chamber and stole a ninja mask. After many months of hard training, The Sleeping Cobra gained his new power.


The Sleeping Cobra's power is as simple as simple can be. He can make anyone fall asleep instantly, simply by grabbing their beak. Otherwise, TSC is but a normal ninja with fancy gadgets.


  • The Sleeping Cobra: "Soon Club Penguin will be mine!"
  • Agent T: "The only good coming from him is that he is out to get hackers too."
  • TSC: "Oh, come ON!"
  • T: "We meet again, Cobra."
  • The Legendary White Night Ninja"Long time no see Makotoon you still look ice cold and you are"


  • He is the only brown-belt to be a ninja.
  • He supposedly has powers with an "Ice-Fire" card.
  • He had a hideout in long-lost Cart Surfing tunnels deep inside the Dojo Mountain.
  • Some speculate that he frequents Diamond Falls.

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