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The Silmarils, also called the Jewels of Finwe, were crafted from the The Two Trees dew. The HPs used this dew to fill their swimming pools, but they promised the penguins who grew these trees of joy that they would have all of the power in them.

They were named for and crafted of the hard crystalline substance silima, made out of the dew of the two trees, and contained some of the power from the The Two Trees of Valinor made by Yavanna and Nienna-named Telperion the Silver, and Laurelin the Gold. The trees were killed before the Jewels were made, so the High Penguins used the trees' dew (previously in their swimming pool) to make it.

Together with Opacus, Malcur ate the Two Trees.

Since The Year 0, said trees had been the source of the High Penguins' bliss. After they fell, so too did their power. Though the Simalis technically had the Trees' power, they were created from the swimming pool dew of the HPs, and were notably weaker as such.

The Keepers entreated Fëanor to give up the Silmarils so they could grow copies the Trees, but before he agreed, terrible news came: Melkor had killed Fëanor's father, Finwë, the High King of the The Keepers, and stolen all the gems, including the Silmarils!

After this deed the evil Malcur fled to where his ancient fortress was. Malcur, set the Silmarils in his crown, and proceeded to use their power to nearly take over the icy new world.

Finwe was furious at Malcur's desire to take the gems for his own greedy purposes, and swearing that he and his warriors would not rest until the Silmarils were recovered, he led the Keepers back to Antarctica.

After Malcur was defeated, the gems were recoverd and gave to Finwe. When Finwe died in 1916, they were given to Triskelle, who defeated Malcur the second time he returned.


King Triskelle's Crown. The blue gems are the Silmarils

The Silmarils were then passed to Professor Shroomsky after an insane lawsuit. However, the mushroom felt such guilt that he returned them two days later and dropped all charges.


  • They may have fourth wall powers..

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