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The Quest for Fisch
The Quest for Fisch Cover
The cover for the book
Vital statistics
Start May 24, 2010
End June ??, 2010
Prerequisites Sequel to The Quest for Yilk
Level 2000
Location Snowzerland, Viking Empire, East Pengolia, South Africa, and the Pacific Islands.
Rewards Fisch
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The Quest for Yilk Great Snowzerland War III, The Mystery of Pen Chi

The Quest for Fisch was a quest made by Jock Hochstadt, Piper J. Cub, Austin8310, Dave Hochstadt, Dan Beronews, Akbaboy, and Explorer to go and find the missing Fisch Hochstadt. It takes place during The Viking Empire Civil War.


In the previous book, we left off our story with Fisch Hochstadt still missing, only that this case is more puzzling than before. So far, Dave Hochstadt had called the CNIC and EPF to investigate what happened. Everyone is still in Snowzerland except for Happyface and Barkjon, who grew tired of the ordeal and headed home for some rest. Swiss also got really angry at Explorer, who crashed his computer. Note that this story may also be told in the first person point of view because this story unravels a lot of new stuff in it, but for the most part, this story will be in the Omnicient point of view.

Chapter 1:CNIC Search[]

Back at the Northern Coast of Snowzerland, CNIC ships dotted the Snowzerland sea. On the Command CNIC ship, Dave, Piper and Jock were walking down a hallway and entered into the ship's command room. Admiral Dan Beronews was talking with Roy Dibbs other high officials at the meeting table. Dan saw the group arrive.

"Come sit down, everyone! There are seats reserved for you all."

Everyone took their seats. Piper took a Doughnut from the box in the middle of the table.

Dan:"So...our progress with tracking Fisch has been slow."

Dave:"What do you mean?"

Dan:"We haven't found his body or any of his DNA in the water. Our Sonar hasn't picked up anything."

Jock:"What is the sonar's Radius?"

Dan:"Twenty Miles."

Piper:"Fisch has gone a long distance already then."

Dan:"Yes, we are also doing another case here's about some penguin who went out with his motor boat and never returned."

Dave:"Any Progress with that?"

Dan:"No. He wasn't found....not even his boat."

Jock:"Maybe we can track Fisch using his DNA!"

Dave:"Remember that I do have a DNA scanner, but not a DNA tracker."

Dan Beronews:"We could combine your scanner with our Sonar and GPS to..."

Piper:"Create a tracker!"

All of a sudden, Explorer popped out of nowhere.

Explorer: You're gonna have to reprogram all of them so that they can interface with each other, ya know.

All: How did you get here?!

Explorer: Nevermind. Here, let me see that. I know some people who can fix it for you.

Explorer took the three devices and promptly vanished.

Piper: Now what?

Dan: I guess we wait.

And wait they did. A few minutes later, a completed DNA tracker fell right from the sky.

Dave:"I have a couple of his feathers that he left behind at the beach."

Dave placed the feathers onto the scanner, and it began the scanning process. Then, the machine beeped.

Dan Beronews:"Wow! Fisch is far from here! He's far up north...."

Jock: "In the Human World place of South Africa! Fisch made it that far!"

Piper:"For the humans, they consider it to be the bottom of their world, but for us it is the beginning of the top."

Dave:"Well...Then how are we going to rescue him? We can't interfere with humans and how are we going to get there?"

Jock:"It's a long process. We should plan that out, but we need to get going. I have to get back to Frostize by the order of my king."

Dan Beronews:"Wait, I have an update on the other missing penguin! My men have found him stuck in a cave. He claims his boat to have been hijacked by a fish penguin."

Dave:"That's Fisch!"

Jock:"Fisch would hijack a harmless civilian's boat? I know he did that before in the Kermillian Channels on a Quest long ago, but that situation was different...what is his doing for all of this?"

At the Keukenhof Castle, Swiss Ninja went back on his computer again after it crashed the last day. He had several of his best technicians helping him fix the computer, which was something that took several hours because Explorer screwed the computer up badly.

Swiss:"Glad that nuisance is gone...."

Swiss went onto the internet.

Swiss:"I have 50 new unread messages??? How is this possible?"

Swiss opened the first one and screamed like a girl. The letter was from the Human dating site, eHarmony. It read:

Dear Swiss Ninja,

I got your e-mail asking that you want to go out with me. I read your profile and I think that we are going to be a compatible couple! I see that you love penguins so much, you cover your real face with a picture of a penguin too! I want to meet you one day so that we could go out and get to know you some more!


Swiss:"Who is Sally?.....OMG, She is a Human! I don't even have an eHarmony account!"

Swiss looks at all of the unread e-mails.

Swiss:"AAAAAAHHHH! They are all from that dating site! AHHHHHH!"

Swiss looked at the note that Explorer left him the day before. There was a back side to the letter, Saying:

P.S: I used the internet before I left...

Swiss crumpled the piece of paper.


Once again, SN had screamed his lungs out, and everyone in Zurich was able to hear him, especially Explorer.

Explorer:"Heh, Heh. That never gets old. I should come here more often."

Jock, Dave, and Piper enter the room.

Corai: "Where have you been?"

Jock:"We were with Dan Beronews and the CNIC."

Piper: "We found out that Fisch wound up in South Africa!"

Corai:"Mamma Mia! No way!"

Explorer:"Human Territory..."

Dave:"I hear Africa is a wild place, and doesn't have as much humans as other places."

Corai:"How are we going to get there?"

Suddenly, Jock's phone rang.


Jock's had a look of fear on his face.

Yilk:"What's Going on?"

Jock:"The King of the Viking Empire is in great danger! An Invasion is abrupting at the border of the Frostize Province Border....our own citizens are turing against each other!"

Everyone started to back.

Explorer: Well, it's about time I went back home. I have some plans to catch Perry the Puffle and I have to enact them soon!

Jock:"See you later."

Explorer took out one of those high-grade government teleporters and vanished in a flash of blue light.

Jock and the Others checked out of their hotel and went back to their learjet. Jock went through the Zurich Center, Contacted Tower, and Took off, heading for the Viking Empire.

Jock:"What is going on back at home?"

Chapter 2:Frostize Escape[]

Several Hours later, Jock's Learjet landed at the Frostize International Airport.

Jock:"Piper, go open the Doors, we are in a hurry!"

Piper Opened the Learjet's doors.

Jock:"I'll need some backup. Corai and Clovis, just stay put."

Everyone except Corai and Clovis left the plane.

Jock and the others rushed out of the airport into the city. The city streets were empty. Overturned market carts and trash was everywhere. Everyone seemingly hid inside the buildings. Then, the group finally made it to the King's Palace. There was a crowd of armed penguins surrounding the Palace Doors.

Jock Gasped. "A Riot!!!"

One of them was banging the doors, while others fired their guns at the windows.


Jock and Yilk took out their swords, while Piper and Dave took out their guns and Snowzer Cheese.

Piper:"Eat Snowzer Cheese! IT'S GOT VITAMIN BOOM!"

Piper threw the Cheese at the soldiers after licking it, and went off, covering them in Cheese.....

Jock and Yilk had an epic sword fight with the other rebels. They were easily outnumbered, but they managed to stay on top of them.

Piper:"Let's get this over with."

Piper threw a Deletion bomb at Jock's and Yilk's opponents.

Jock:"Thank you, Piper, we owe you one."

Piper:"All in a day's work for a puffle. Lets get your king."

The King opened the doors of the palace.

King:"Jock! I am glad you are safe! We must leave the Viking Empire! The other Provinces are rebelling against us!"

Dave:"A Civil War!"

Everyone started to rush towards the airport. However, the Rebels weren't finished yet. They still were coming after the Hochstadt Gang.

Jock:"Dave! Use your Spy Phone!"

Dave got out his spy phone and teleported them back to the plane. Piper got back into the pilot's seat.

Jock:"Start the Plane, we dont need clearance anymore. The rebels probably took over the control tower already."

Suddenly, the Rebels started running towards the Learjet.

Jock:"Let's go!"

The Gang had barely escaped the Rebels and their bullets. The plane was up in the air at an altitude of 5,000 feet.

Jock:"We are too low. We do not want to be easily spotted by the Viking Rebels."

Piper:"Alright, I'll climb up another 5,000 feet."

King:"Where are we Heading?"

Jock:"Hopefully East Pengolia. I have an old Khanz Friend who lives there. He may have some place for us to stay during the war."

Corai:"Where in East Pengolia?"

Jock:"His home is located in the middle of some small black forest tucked in the hills. He has a puffle farm and grows Pengolian Cabbage. I better call him now...."

Jock dialed his friend's phone number.

East Pengolia finally came into view. Piper began to decend while preparing for landing.

Corai:"If your friend already has guests, then we will have to stay in another place...."

Jock:"Not true. My friend says that we can stay in the Barn."

The King:"A Barn???"

Jock:"That's right. Don't worry, it's clean. Piper will have lots of friends to play with, and we will sleep in hammocks in the loft."

Piper:"Pengolian Puffles aren't the nicest of puffles. They slap you with fish."

Jock:"That's Pengolian traditdion! My friend does that, and Austin does that too."

A small airport came up into view.

Jock:"This is the airport. It's the closest one to his house."

Dave:"It's a private airport, eh?"

Jock:"Yes. It's a small airport used to transport cargo."

Their learjet landed onto the small runway.

Jock:"Go and taxi to the General Aviation parking. My friend is already waiting for us."

Piper taxied the plane to their parking spot, where Jock's friend was waiting for them. He was a strong looking Khanz penguin who had a moustache and wore an old commander's uniform from when he was in the military. He was standing next to his old fashioned car.

The plane's door opened, and everyone went out.

Jock:"Well, well, well, it's good to see you!"

The friend had a thick, heavy accent similar to Bolsheevik Penguinsky's.

"It iz good to zee vou too, Jock! For zose who don't know me, I am Vladmir Haramichoveck, a proud Khanz Pengvin."

Piper:"Nice to meet you! Do you speak Mogolian Scrawl?"

Vladmir:"да, я делаю! Это мой родной язык." (Translation:Yes, I do! It is my native language.)

Corai:"Where do you live?"

Vladmir:"A szhort drive avay. Everyvone come into zee car, and I vill drive vou all 'dere!"

The Small car came to a screeching halt in front of an old-fashioned home. There was two young chicks playing with a bunch of puffles in the front yard. There was Pengolian cabbages and edible mushrooms growing in the garden nearby.

Vladmir:"Zhese are my children. Zhey love zee puffles! Vour place to stzay is over here...."

Vladmir led the group to a large old barn.

Corai:"That's the barn? It's bigger than I thought."

Vlamir:"It's sturdy and haz held our family's puffles vor generazhions! The Hammocks are already hung up in zee loft."

Vladmir went back into his little house.

Jock opened the Barn's doors. Inside was a bunch of puffles all in their corrals and pens. Jock led everyone up to the loft. The loft was filled up with stacks of hay, and the hammocks were nearby, all ready. Everyone began to unpack. There was a window that overlooked the black forest and viewed the Pengolian landscape.

Dave:"I would love to find Fisch, but I dont want to stay a far away country without any familiarity. Pengolia isn't my type of place...."

Corai:"I second that comment. I have a country to run."

Piper:"I would say that you guys should forget it. Our home is destroyed and you guys can't go anywhere. We are stuck here until the war's end."

Jock:"That's not the reason I came here. I am searching for a long lost relic..."

Piper:"Are you going to take Fisch's place ore something? That is something that he would usually do."

Jock:"No! I am going to be looking for the Hindensnow 2, a zeppelin. Perhaps we can fly it to Africa."

Piper:"Oh....That's not bad. A zeppelin is easier to it is from the old days of Khanzem. I can handle it easily."

Well then, tommorrow we will go and look for it!

Chapter 3:Zeppelin Zone[]

The Next morning, Vladmir came into the barn to give his guests some breakfast. Corai began eating, but then spit the stuff out.

Corai:"Yuck! Is this supposed to be a Soup of some sort? This is just a bowl of chopped cabbage and mushroom in boiled water!"

Jock:"I am sorry that you must eat it, for Vladmir isn't very rich. He can't afford a lot of stuff, so he eats what he grows in his garden. He can barely afford electricity and a telephone line."

Corai:"I don't think I want to stay here any longer...."

Clovis:"Me niether."

Piper:"My soup at least has Puffle-O's in it. I suggest you Penguin possies finish your grub or else you won't get any."

Everyone continued to eat the soup, and later washed themselves in a nearby Water Well. After everyone was finished, they met behind the barn.

Jock:"Lets follow this road down a bit and see what we can find."

The group followed Jock down the road that ran past Vladmir's house. All they saw was the dark forest and wild mushrooms.

Corai:"I need to go to the restroom!"

Piper:"There isn't a bathroom out here!"

Corai:"I'm going Happy Tree then!"

Corai ran into the forest. Five minutes later, Corai exitedly came out.

Corai:"I found the Trail!"

Everyone followed Corai into the forest until they did come upon a Trail that started in the middle of nowhere.

Jock:"Is this the correct trail?"

Corai started running up the trail.

Dave:"Corai! Wait for us!"

The group came into a clearing of the forest, and there stood two old abandoned hangars.

Jock:"The old abandoned Hindensnow 2 Hangar!"

Corai:"Told you!"

Jock and the others approached the smaller Hangar.

Dave:"What's in the other hangar?"

Jock:"I'm not sure. I think it's just some storage place for some of the retired Khanzem Planes...."

The Door of the hangar was locked with an old rusty lock.

Dave:"Allow me."

Dave pulled out a hammer, and whacked it at the rusty lock. The lock broke off easily.

Clovis:"Nobody has been here in a while."

Inside the hangar was dark as night, so Jock lit up a lantern.

Yilk:"Here's the switch!"

Yilk flipped the switch to reveal the long lost zeppelin. It was covered in dust.

Jock:"Good! It's in perfect condition! Lets take it for a spin before we actually leave...."

Piper:"Good, It shouldn't be too hard."

The Gang opened the Hangar's Large door, and entered the Hindensnow 2. It was filled wit old crates filled with old weaponry. Piper and Jock sat at the Zeppelin's controls. They turned the Engine one, and began to rise after the zeppelin was tugged out of the hangar. They acended up into the air, and started to move forward.

Jock:"It's a trustworthy ship, isn't it?"

Piper:"Yeah. It'll take us a few days to get to South Africa with this dinosaur."

Suddenly, a bunch of smoke began to arize from the ground....for it was Kerbpuff running away from BOSS Xexexe and his snowshovel! Kerbpuff suddenly jumped onto the zeppelin with the help of a trampoline, and Xexexe managed to jump onto the flying Zeppelin as well.

Piper:"Get Him off of the Zeppelin!"


Boss Xexexe missed hitting Kerbpuff with the snowshovel, and the pointy part of the snowshovel pierced the zeppelin's body.


The Zeppelin Popped, and Everyone, even Boss Xexexe went down with it. The whole thing fell with a crash and caught on fire.

Everyone ran out of the Zeppelin except Explorer, who had now become unconcious, because Kerbpuff had ran away already.

Piper:"I'll get him!"

Dave:"The whole thing is going to blow!"

The others ran for cover.

Piper found Explorer, and started nudging him. He began to gain conciousness again.

Explorer:"Huh? Where am I?"

Piper:"In Danger! We need to get out of here, now!"

Explorer got up, placed Piper on his shoulder, and ran for cover just in time. The Zeppelin Exploded because of the weaponry in the cargo hold.

Explorer:"Seriously Piper, I dont remember a thing. What is going on?"

Piper:"Nothing. Boss Xexexe just destroyed our zeppelin, the Hindensnow 2."

Explorer:"I was looking for you guys. I am ready again to help you find Fisch, only that I brought Akbaboy, Mabel and TurtleShroom along."

Piper:"No problem. I like company, but how are we going to find Fisch now?"

"I can be ov aziztance maybe?"

It was Bolsheevik Penguinsky.

"I don't zink it vould be a good idea for a High Pengvin to be riding a Khanzem zepelin."

Clovis:"That is true. Khanzem did try to wipe them out."

Penguinsky:"That Zepelin wasn't fast enough anyways. I have a gift you guys could have."

Jock:"Really? What is it?"

Penguinsky:"It iz Zee Domodedovo, anozer faster Zepelin zat iz more modern. I zink that vou vill find it to be a better choice. I do not need such a contraptzion anvays, so keep it."

Jock:"Thank you!"

The Domodedovo was in the larger Hangar next to the Hindensnow 2's hangar, a thing that Jock didn't know until now. Penguinsky gave a tour of the new zepellin, showing them the control room, the bedrooms, the Disco Room, the kitchen, the dining rooms, and the Battle Stations. Everyone liked the zepellin except Mabel.

Penguinsky:"You guys better get a move on, for you guys have a long journey ahead of you."

Bolsheevick Penguinsky left.

Jock:"Lets get our stuff, and leave in an hour. See you all then."

Everyone went off to get their belongings and met back at the zeppelin in an hour.

Piper:"I can navagate on my own."

Explorer:"Are you sure you don't want any company?"

Jock:"Take Mabel!"


Akbaboy:"Bad idea."

Mabel:"I hate you."

Dave:"Lets get this zeppelin into the sky."


Piper started the engine.

Mabel:"Hurry up, you இ!"

Piper:"Keep that mouth shut or I will throw you off the Zeppelin!"

Akbaboy:"Although I hate Mabel, I gotta say she's right. Can't you do this a bit faster?"

No response.

The Zeppelin began to rise into the air.

Piper:"Look's like this thing also has an extra engine to make this thing go faster!"

Piper turned on the extra Engine and the Zeppelin flew off.

Mabel:"How long is this voyage going to take?"

Piper:"All Night."

Mabel:"What??? I can't wait that long! Make this thing faster you ϠӶ۝۩!!"

Piper threw Mabel into the closet.

Akbaboy:"Thank YOOOOOOO!"

Chapter 4:Fisch's Story[]

This chapter is told by Fisch's point of view.

I do confess of Running away and not believing in Jsudsu. I had made my decision that nobody wanted me, that I would be trouble for everyone if I was around. I decided to run away, run away back to my birthplace....Switzerland, back in the Human World, where no one would complain of me, but that place I never arrived to. I also confess of hijacking that penguin civilian's Boat, of whom I spread my apologies to. I took the boat and headed it towards my destination. Somewhere during it, I was caught in a Terrible storm. My boat was overturned, and I was cast overboard without help from any penguins since I was already hundreds of miles away. I do not remember what happened what happened next...because I was knocked unconcious. I found myself washed up onto a beach. There were other strange penguins waddling around, but they had Black Feet. They were curiously looking at me...and tried to talk to me in a different language.

Penguin 1: Wie is jy?

Me: What did you say?

Penguin 2: Wat beteken "What did you say?" beteken?

Penguin 1: Weet nie.

Penguin 3: My nie. Hy is vreemd.

Me: Am I going paranoid?

Penguin 1 and 2 and 3: Wat?

Penguin 4: Ek weet wat hy sê.

Penguin 1 and 2 and 3: Goed. Kommunikeer met hom.

Penguin 4: Wat jy sê.

The penguin turned to Fisch and cleared his throat.

Penguin 4: Hello penguin. Who are you?

Me: Fisch.

Penguin 4: Fisch? OK. My friends are having a problem with you-- they don't understand English. I do though.

Me: OK. What are they speaking then?

Penguin 4: Afrikaans.

Me: Africans?

Penguin 4: No. Afrikaans.

Me: Afrikankan?

Penguin 4: Afrikaans.

Me: So it's Afrikaans.

Penguin 4: Affirmative.

Penguin 1: Goeie werk vir Joe.

Penguin 2: Hy kommunikeer met die Engels sprekende pikkewyn in 'n vis kostuum.

Penguin 3: Ek weet.

The penguin [Joe] turned to the penguins.

Joe: Dankie julle almal. Ek waardeer die cheers. Veral van Bob.

Joe turned to Fisch.

Penguin 2 [Bob]: Hy het my geroep. Ek is nou gelukkig.

Me:"Who are you, and Where am I?"

Penguin 4:"We are 'Boer Penguins', a group that migrated from Batavia to form our own Country, here in South Africa."

Me:"SOUTH AFRICA??? You mean we are on Human territory?"

Penguin 4:"That's Right! Africa does have humans on it, but it doesn't have as much humans compared to other continents."

Me:"I....I...don't know what to say. I wasn't planning to go to South Africa. I was taking a boat to Switzerland, until a storm knocked my overboard."

Penguin 4:"Um....Switzerland? Don't you mean Swaziland?"

Me:"No, not that place...That's an African Country. I am talking about Switzerland, a European Country."

Penguin 4:"Oh! Well, You are far from that place!"

Me:"How far?"

Penguin 4:"Several Thousand Miles."

My heart was downcast, knowing that my journey was a bigger burden than I thought. The world was a bigger place after all...but that didn't stop my drive to reach 'The Homeland'.

Me:"I must go north. It was nice meeting you!"

I tried to go off into the north...but the penguin stopped me.

Penguin 4:"STOP! What are you thinking? You are going into human territory!"

Me:"I must go through it to get to my destination."

Penguin 4:"Noooo! Humans are Dangerous Creatures that should not be messed with!"

Me:"Phooey! I'll be fine."

I scoffed off away from those penguins, and then I had my first glimpse of the Humans. They were already standing there, watching other penguins waddling around...and they were like no other human I have seen before. I have seen pictures of regular humans like Mr. Bean and Mr. Lolabola, but nothing prepared me for what I saw, for these humans appeared to be a different kind of human, a Dark Skinned human....something that I have only heard in myths. Later in my life did I really find out what they were really called - "Black People". These "Black People" seemed to be the majority of the groups that were observing Penguins. I dared not to disturb them, and I was able to slip past them. Then, I saw a piece of paper on the floor. It turned out to be a map of South Africa, indicating now that I was near a city known as "Cape Town". I decided first that Cape Town might have an airport...and maybe I could also buy a cape. Before I could go any further, I heard a familiar voice.

Hello, Fisch! We Meet Again!

"Fisxh! You have followed me Here!"

Of Course I did! I am nothing without you around..for my purpose is to destroy you!

"Well, you never did. You are a bad excuse for a bad guy."

Never Underestimate the Power of the X-Side! MWAHAHAHA!

I ran away from that annoying X Body. While on the run I saw a pick up truck, and I decided to jump into the back. Luckily for me, the car's owner already started the car and headed toward Cape Town with me in the back and Fisxh left behind.

I did not expect Cape Town not to have capes when I go there, and they didn't. However, there was one thing that was going on there, a soccer championship. The humans called it the "FIFA World Cup", and was when human teams from around the world would meet in one place to compete against each other to see who would become the World Champion. It just so happened that Cape Town was one of the cities hosting the games, and I tried to see it for myself. I took my seat a couple rows away from the Game. There were a countless amount of humans attending the game, whom many of them were blowing obnoxious horns that hurt my ears. The Horns got annoying after a while, but the game was really interesting, and I even bought a Vuvuzela (The obnoxious horn) as a memory trinket even though I didn't like them much. I decided to head north to continue my quest to Switzerland.

Chapter 5:Catching Up With the Zeppelin[]

Swiss Ninja was sipping a cup of tea with Austin8310 in his Garden at the Keukenhof Castle. Bellina and Jessica were playing nearby. Suddenly, a Snoss Secret Agent came running to Swiss with a message.

Snoss Agent:"I Have news, sir."

Swiss:"What? Aren't you supposed to be in East Pengolia? I thought nothing happened there much."

Snoss Agent:"Something did happen there. I saw Corai and Jock Hochstadt go onto a Zeppelin, and where heading toward South Africa!"

Austin:"That's where Fisch is, right?"

Swiss:"We are going to find Fisch before they do."

Austin:"Seriously? You still aren't over that?"

Swiss:"No, I never will. I have a private Jet that we can take."

Austin:"A Jet? You're kidding, right? We won't be able to catch up to them in time...."

Swiss:"This isn't just any ordinary jet....this is my personal Jumbo Jet....Pacifica 1!"

Austin:"The Legendary Snowing 747? Wow."

Swiss:"Yup. Get your stuff because we are leaving now."

Austin:"YES SIR!"

Swiss:"You know you really don't have to do that?"

By the time he had said that, Austin was already packing.

Meanwhile, the gang were still in the zeppelin as it flew off USA territory. Akbaboy looked at the sea.

Akbaboy: Guys . . . are you sure we should be doing this? It's looks risky and it may cause a crime.

Piper: Relax. It's nothin'.

Mabel was still screaming and struggling in the closet.

Akbaboy: She is still doing that? Been 2 hours of it already.

Jock: Yeah.

Jock went to the closet and opened it.

Mabel: Finally, you twerp!

Jock: Stop screaming! Jeez . . .

Jock shoved Mabel back in and they continued talking.

Jock: You think she'll shut up?

Akbaboy: Nah. She's Mabel. She's problem yelling Unicode right now.

Corai: Yeah.

5 hours later, Akbaboy has already fell asleep.

Akbaboy: ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz . . .

Corai: 0_o. Will he ever stop snoring, Jock?

Jock: Dunno.

Piper: Hey guys. We're almost at South Africa.

Corai: I could feel it. Soooo hot.


Akbaboy: ZzZzZZZZZZ . . . wha?!?

Piper: Good. We're almost arriving at South Africa.

Akbaboy: Really? It's still pretty cold. I heard that place is hot, hot, hot like fire!

Jock: It's probably hotter than Switzerland.

Akbaboy: It IS hotter!

Corai: Heehee.

Jock: >_>

Piper:Good thing it's winter on this side of the hemisphere.

Meanwhile, the Snowing 747 was taxiing down Runway 3L at Zurich Airport.

SN: Austin. Electronic devices away until the stewardess says so.

Austin: Fine..

Austin:When do I get a decent meal here?

SN: A few minutes maybe 20. We have a choice of Alfredo Pasta or Steamed Fish with Salad.

Austin:I want something from McDoodles, please!

SN: Do not question my meal choices, as I am the Kaiser of Snowzerland, which is way better than you.

Austin: Aww..

SN: It's either that or these marbles, that Bellina was playing with two hours ago..

Austin: I'll eat your "Alfredo Pasta", whatever you call it.

Austin: This plane is fast. Real fast.

SN: I know. I picked it because I am Snowzerland's kaiser and I'm better than you!

Austin: You don't have to act like that you know.

SN: Don't question my methods!

Soon, the Seatbelt sign flashed on and off and on and off.

The phone next to Swiss Ninja rang

SN: Yes? Captain Kelly?

Pilot: There seems to be a problem. There has been a recent "super lame Kerbpuff attack" on the plane.

SN: By who?

Pilot: Some strange blue penguin with a propeller cap wi--


Fisch woke up, and remembered that he was still in the back of the pick up truck.

Fisch:"Where am I now?"

Fisch looked outside to see endless Savannah with wild animals roaming around.

Fisch:"Savage Country."

Suddenly, the Truck made a very sharp turn, and Fisch was thrown out of the back with a thud.

Fisch:"Great. I beleive that this place is Zimbabwe, because this place doesn't look like South Africa Anymore."

The Road no longer headed north, so Fisch decided to keep going north. The Savannah Grass was as as tall as Fisch himself, and it was hard to see where you were going without jumping. He was cautious and alert, ready for anything to happen. This payed off when a lion came out of nowhere and pounced on Fisch.



Fisch jumped out of the way.

Fisch:"That's One Big LOLCat!"

The Lion turned around and tried to pounce on Fisch again and again. Then, Fisch took out his Keysaber, and started waving it at the lion. Fisch demonstrated the Keysabers power by cutting down the nearby tree. The Tree collapsed inches away from the lion, who ran away in fear. Fisch continued to trek into the wilderness. Several Hours later, Fisch got tired and sat on a rock for rest. All of a sudden, spears started to fly at Fisch.


Fisch ducked as they flew by as Fisch pulled out his keysaber. Fisch began to slice up more arrows as they kept coming.

Fisch:"STOP!!! I AM NOT FOOD!"

One of the Hunters stopped what he was doing.

Hunter 1:"Stop! Do not shoot him! It is Fisko!"

Hunter 2:"Fisko? Is is true?"

Hunter 3:"Yes! Look at him! He is Half-Bird, Half Fish! He has come back form the Southern Lands to save our Tribe!"

All three Hunters approached Fisch and bowed to him.

Fisch:"Am I a King of something?"

Hunter 2:"No, even better, you are the Deity of our Tribe!"

Fisch:"A What???"

Hunter 3:"Errr...a powerful being, like you. Your arrival to this place was predicted centuries ago."

Hunter 1:"You are to help our tribe defeat our rival tribes with your cunning skill."

Fisch:"Who Predicted my arrival?"

Hunter 3:"Our tribe's Griot."

Fisch:"Oh, a griot? Aren't those guys like the Tribe's Storyteller and History keeper?"

Hunter 2:"Correct."

Fisch:"Griots haven't been in Antarctica since The Kinship Tribes. You guys still like to go old fashioned I see..."

Hunter 1:"Antarctica.....Is that the Great South Land that you have came?"

Fisch:"Yes. Let me guess, you griot knew I was from there."

Hunter 2:"Let us take you to our village so that we can celebrate!"

The Hunters put Fisch on their shoulders and carried him off to the village.

Dave walked into the zeppelin cockpit with the DNA tracker.

Piper:"Anything new?"

Dave:"Fisch has already gone inland..."

Piper:"He can't be too far. We are flying over Cape Town currently."

Dave:"Fisch washed ashore near this city. He washed up on a beach known as 'Pebbly Beach'."

Piper began to decend the zeppelin. The Zeppelin finally landed on the beach visited by Fisch not too long ago. The Four Boer Penguins look curiously at the strange metallic contraption.

Dave:"Hello, there!"

Penguin 4:"Hello!"

Dave:"Have you seen a Penguin in a fish costume just recently?"

Penguin 4:"Yes, we did. His name is Fisch, right?"

Dave:"Where did He go?"

Penguin 4:"If I were you, I wouldn't bother. That crazy penguin went off into the Human World. He said he wanted to go to some place called 'Switzerland'."

Explorer:"Fisch must have been sitting in the sun too long..."

Piper:"Thank you for the info. Let's get back into the zeppelin."

Everyone went back into the Zeppelin and took off once again.

Dave:"The Tracker Indicates that we go north."

Piper:"We can't go too north. We are running out of fuel."

Dave:"There's probably a city that we can stop at..."

Explorer:"No. We can't interfere with humans...and there aren't a lot of cities."

Dave:"What? Explorer, don't be such a bore. Contact with humans isn't so bad....what's the worst that could happen?"

Explorer looked at him angrily.


Chapter 6:Fuut-Ga and the Fuel[]

The group had continued to fly while flying over a couple of cities. However, they did not stop there to get any fuel because Explorer or Director Benny didn't want them to...It wasn't until they had barely crossed the border of Zimbabwe when concern came.

Piper:"Explorer, we can't avoid it any longer...We need to land to get fuel!"


Jock:"Explorer, it's ok. We are flying in the middle of nowhere."

Corai:"So How are we going to get Fuel????"


Piper had no choice but to land the zeppelin onto the Savannah. Mabel was still in the closet.

Mabel:"I'm not going out there into the wild!"

Piper:"Don't bother! Just stay in the Closet for all we care..."

A knock went on the zeppelin's door.

Jock:"Who could that be?"

Explorer:"Uh-oh...a Human?"

Piper ran to take a peek at the visitor.

Piper:"Let him in! He is one of us!"

Jock opened the door to find Fuut-Ga the Ninja, a relative of the Hochstadts.

Jock:"Hi...How did you get here?"

Fuut Ga:"Well, I heard about what happened to Fisch, so I secretly snuck onto your airship to help you."

Jock:"Why didn't you come tell us yet?"

Fuut Ga:"The Zeppelin was moving all the time, and I couldn't be able to reach the door without falling...."

Jock:"Ok...We have a new problem; we are all out of Fuel!"

Fuut Ga: "Helium?"

Explorer: "Helium? Are you kidding? Helium doesn't react with anything, it's not a fuel!"

Jock:"Helium we have enough of, it's the turbo engine in the back of the ship that we need."

Piper:"It's what will help us find Fisch faster."

Fuut Ga:"Why don't we create some fuel with the resources over here?"

Jock:"uh...I never thought of that..."

Fuut Ga shook his head and led Jock, Piper, and Dave to the Grass.

Fuut Ga:"This Grass is the perfect fuel."

Jock:"WHAT? Grass? How can grass be a fuel?"

Fuut Ga:"This isn't ordinary Grass like you see in Snowzerland. This is Switch Grass, a grass that we could use to make Ethanol, a type of fuel."

Fuut Ga began mashing the Ethanol until it was a thick liquid. He poured it into the Gas Compartment, and after a couple of tests made by Piper, the engine began to work again.

Jock:"Everyone in!"

Dave:"According to the tracker, Fisch is inside this country. We still need to go a bit more north."

Unfortunately, Director Benny had it and teleported everyone (including Fisch) east, over the Pacific Ocean.

Fuut Ga:"Wait, where are we?"

Piper:"Some vast Ocean...."

Dave:"According to the Tracker, we are now in...the Pacific Ocean??"


Explorer:"Director Benny."

Fuut Ga:"I'm not surprised to hear that."

Dave:"Actually, Fisch also was teleported to the Pacific Ocean too..."

Fisch:"What? Where Am I? I was just having the feast of my life!"

Fisch found himself on a beautiful Tropical Island in the Pacific Ocean...


Then, Fisch Found himself face to face with the Pacific Islander Natives. They were hunters.


Fisch Ran for his life as the hunters chased him with their bows and arrows and spears. He dodged the spears, arrows, and branches that he came across.....then he finally ran up upon a rock beyond the hunter's reach.

Swiss Ninja's plane landed at the Cape Town International Airport to get fuel.

Swiss:"Hurry up, captain! We need to catch up with the zeppelin!"

Austin was attempting to break the fourth wall (or Third Window.) Suddenly, he had a breakthrough and saw Benny pushing a large button and snickering about "Island full of hunters...Pacific ocean." Austin panicked when he realized how Swiss would react when they couldn't find Fisch.

Austin:"Uh, Swiss, Fisch and the Zeppelin are no longer in Africa..."


Austin:"Uh...ehh...erm...uhh...Never mind.!"

Austin lied on purpose, even though he knew they were in the Pacific.


The plane was refueled, and they soon continued to fly north...

Chapter 7:Pacific Paradise[]

Dave took another peek at the Tracker.

Dave:"Fisch is very close! He's only a couple of miles away."

Piper:"I see an island up ahead...that's where Fisch is!"

Jock:"Land the Zeppelin!"

Mabel:"FINALLY YOU ۝ϠЯஇ⎳! Let me out of this thing!"

Piper: Nope.

Akbaboy: See ya, Mabel.

Mabel: ЯϠΔΩஇӜ℗∏①!!!!!

The zeppelin landed on a clearing at the Beach. Fut Ga was the first to step out...

Fuut Ga sniffed the air. "Ah. Beautiful. Fisch is lucky to be here."

Fisch ran past Fut Ga, followed by the Hunters.

Fuut Ga:"Then again, maybe not..."

Jock and the rest of the group came out into view.

Jock:"Hi Fisch!"

Fisch:"Hey!!! I could use some help here!"

Fuut Ga threw a snowball at one of the Islanders.


Fuut Ga:"Hey, Over here!"

The islanders turned their attention to Fut Ga and the Group of penguins.


Director Benny was watching the whole thing. He decided to teleport the Native Hunters back to their village.

Fuut Ga:"Thank You Director Benny!"

Fisch:"It's good to see you guys again. I guess I forgot that I have a caring family that will help me when I need it the most."

Jock:"Well, before we leave, lets relax a little here at this gorgeous beach."

Everyone took out some Beach Towels, Umbrellas, some chairs, and Sunscreen. Clovis took some of the tropical fruits from their plants and began to make Tropical Fruit Smoothies served in a Coconut Shell cup. Everyone was having a good time...until Mabel was able to set herself free from the closet.

Mabel:"How Dare you have a Tropical Beach Party without me!"

Explorer:"Looks like we did. Do you want a Smoothie?"


Piper:"Take it easy, Mabel. Just Chill out here out on the beach."

Dave Hochstadt was surfing on the waves with his surfboard.

Dave:"Gnarly Dude!"

Suddenly, the Hunters from before returned with a larger Army. The Lead Hunter Pointed at Fisch.


Fisch:"Uh Oh. The Islander Hunters are back to get me!"

Director Benny was still there, and had enough of this Human Contact Business, so he sent a large tidal wave that Swept the whole group of penguins, puffles, their possesions, and the Zeppelin into the Ocean. Everyone found themselves washed up upon the shores of Freezeland, near Fanon City.

Fisch:"Ugh..This is the exact thing that happened to SN when we used the Sensei State on him...."

Corai:"I..cough..will never forget that..."

Explorer:"Never mess with Director Benny..."

Mabel:"AAAAH! I'm all wet!"

Fisch began to gather up the group, and headed toward Fanon city. They were able to rent a bunch of rooms at a nearby Hotel to stay in for the night. Jock decided to tell Fisch what happened while he was gone.

Jock:"Fisch, The Viking Empire is in great Turmoil!"

Fisch:"What do you mean?"

Jock:"The country has split into three parts now, and a Civil War is tearing them apart!"

Fisch:"WHAT? Didn't you fight?"

Jock:"No. We fled with the king to East Pengolia."

Fisch:"Precious Cargo, eh?"

Jock:"We left him behind with my friend there..."

Fisch:"Ok, but things are going to change. It's time for an Invasion."

Explorer:"Count me and Mabel out!"

Explorer and Mabel took the train back to SPC an Hour later.

Jock:"Anyone else who doesn't want to?"

No one Answered.

Fisch:"Good! Then we leave have a hardy dinner because it's going to be a messy war!"

Swiss Ninja looked out the window of his plane

Swiss:"Austin, are you sure we are going the correct direction?"

Austin:"Yes! Of course!"

Swiss:"I don't see land anymore...and I am seeing Icebergs in the water!"


Swiss called Captain Kelly and the crew in the cockpit.


Captain Kelly woke up from his nap. He had the Autopilot on the whole time.

Captain Kelly:"Huh?"

Swiss:"Did you take us back to Antarctica??? We're supposed to find Fisch back in Africa!"

Captain:"I assure you, sire, I did not turn south. I have set the autopilot going north the whole time."

Swiss:"Then we are in the North Pole then?"


Swiss:"Land at the North Pole..., We need more fuel. While we're there. We have to stock up on Candy Canes, Ornaments and Gingerbread Cookies! "

Captain:"Roger That."

Akbaboy was eating dinner when a ice floe appeared on the floor.

Akbaboy: I found this ice floe and it says something in a foreign language.

Fisch: What language?

Akbaboy: Dunno.

Jock: It's in German, right?

Akbaboy: I just said I dunno!

Piper: What does it say?

Corai: Yeah!

Clovis: Are you gonna tell us?

Akbaboy: OK, fine. It says "Du bist die Auserwählte, die den Bürgerkrieg zu beenden wird.".

Jock: That's German! Your gonna save the Viking Empire!

Fisch: Yeah!

Corai: Way to go, Akbaboy!

Akbaboy: Why ME? I'm just 13! Not 26 or something...

Fuut Ga:"Who's It from?"

Akbaboy:"Doesn't say."

He then spied something small text saying "--POPE"

Akbaboy: It's from the POPE.

Jock:"That's Odd. The Pope usually writes in Latin. It must have been for a Good Purpose."

Akbaboy:"So....what do I do?"

Jock:"We must travel back to Frostize. The POPE will meet us there at the Grand Telenacle where I work."

Fuut Ga:"Our Safest Bet is to take our Zeppelin back to Frostize. We can't risk going on a Plane or Train where there could be spies."

Fisch:"We leave tommorrow then, Case Closed!"

Pacifica 1 Landed coldly onto Runway 3, during a blizzard of the North Pole International Airport. It taxied to the terminal.

Then, airstairs were pushed to the door.

"Good morning..afternoon..what time is it? There is just so much snow blowing everywhere!" said Swiss

"It's a blizzard." replied Austin, walking down the stairs.

Austin and Swiss went to a taxi.

The two entered the taxi, and began to talk.

Swiss:"Let's take a break, Austin."

Austin:"Where are we going?"


Swiss and Austin walked into the small Village at the North pole.

Swiss:"Let's go in here.."

Swiss led Austin into Santa Claus' Toy Factory. Santa Claus immediately spotted them.

Santa Claus:"Ho Ho Ho! What Can I do for you boys today?"

Swiss:"Hi Santa! I want to know if I was on the Nice List this year..."

Santa:"Ho! Ho! Ho! I'm sorry, but you are on the Naughty list this year, Swiss Ninja!"


Swiss threw a tantrum, and took out his keysaber. He began to swing it around as it began to slice and break list. Austin and Santa just watched.

Austin:"Am I on the Nice List?"

Santa:"You are being a very good Penguin this year! You are very helpful, so you are on the Nice List!"

Austin:"Thanks! Um...I guess I'll take Swiss Ninja back home now..."

Santa:"Please do so."

Austin dragged Swiss out of Santa's Workshop.

Swiss mumbled:"You'll Pay for this!"

SN Got his revenge later...

Chapter 8:WAR![]

The Next Day, The Zeppelin flew over Frostize and began it's decent into the Frostize International Airport.

Akbaboy:"This is it!"

Jock:"Not yet...the battle is at the Las Puffles County line...this is just where we will gather troops."

Piper:"Alright, I need everyone in their seats! We are decending."

Akbaboy: Can you shut up with the aviation?

Piper: ...

Jock: You shouldn't have said that

Clovis: Yeah.

Corai: Agreed.

Akbaboy: But aviation is boring!

Piper: ...

The zeppelin landed and everyone got out.

Piper:"You are lucky I didn't throw you out the Window when we were decending."

Akba:"Err....Like you could pick me up in the first place!"

Piper:"Are you testing me?"

Akba:"I never said that.."

Piper:"Well for one thing, you are testing my patience."

Akba:"Pfft..I'm Sorry."

Piper Growled.

Fuut Ga:"Guys, we..."

Piper jumped on Akbaboy and started to beat him up.

Akba:"Aaaah! Get off of me!"

Both of them exchanged blows at each other.

Fisch:"Hey! knock it off, both of you!"

Jock went into the skirmish and pulled Piper off of Akbaboy.

Jock:"Piper! Control Yourself! We are a team!"

Akbaboy: Without him, we're a team.

Piper: C'mere, Ak.

Akbaboy: NO WAI!

Piper: YA WAI!

Akbaboy: >_<

Corai: Heehe-- OUCH!

Akbaboy: It wasn't funny.

Piper: Your crazy.

Akbaboy: Your insane.

Piper: Your stupid.

Akbaboy: Your all three.

Fuut-Ga: Uh oh.

Piper Jumped onto Akbaboy again.

Corai did a facepalm.

Fisch:"Ay, Ay, Ay."

Jock grabbed Piper again, and restrained him from Akbaboy. Fisch restrained Akbaboy from Piper.

Fisch:"That's Enough, Thank-You. Apologize to each other, right now!"

Piper:"I'm sorry. I only wanted everyone to sit down so that no one would get hurt...."

Akba:"Alright. I'm sorry for insulting you."


Piper:"Same here."

Jock:"Let's Get moving!"

Jock gathered troops, and brought everyone to the Grand Telenacle. The POPE stood by Jock while Jock was standing on a Podium.

Jock:"Fellow Frostizian Vikings, we all know the state of our beloved country. It is at the state of collapse, but do not fear! We have the chosen one, Akbaboy, the one who will help reunify our country!"

A viking yelled:"WOT? He's nothin' but eh Boy! Yeh' Sure 'bout dis?"

The Pope went onto the Podium.

Pope:"Ah. Yes, I saw it all happen in a dream...."



The Guards dragged the Big Mouthed Viking away. The pope cleared his throat.

Pope:"Alright, that was a lie. The truth is, Mayor McFlapp told me was gonna to narrate that we'll save us as long as he can pass a special test. I know this will work. Now, Let my humble servant Jock tell you all the battle plans."

Jock:"Thank you. Now, Group A will infiltrate the Border while Group B will come to...."


Jock:"Yes, Chosen One?"

Akba:"Perhaps we don't need to use force to take down the other army."


Akba:"They are of the same people! Don't you all see? War will tear us apart. Words started this war, and so Words will end it."


Fuut Ga:"That Might just work..."

SN's Pacifica One was making it's approach into Zurich

In the Cabin, Swiss and Austin were sipping on Iced Tea

Swiss:"AAAAUGH! How Could I not be on the Nice List?????", spilling Iced Tea on the floor

Austin:"Let's see, you attempted to Kill your brother several times, you tried to conqer all of Antarctica, and you're very self-centered...."


Austin:"Err..I mean....I am not sure why you didn't make it."

Then, the phone rang,

Captain Kelly:"Uh....sir....I think we are having an engine malfunction..."

Swiss:"What do you Mean?"

Captain:"I think one of the Engines..."

One of the Engines exploded as he spoke.


Austin:"We're Going Down!"

The Plane crashed onto the field of a school in Snowzerland.

Swiss Ninja opened the door, then the Emergency Evacuation slides inflated

Swiss:"Ugh... why do we have to be back?"

Austin:"I don't know...I'm just glad we're all in one piece."

Captain:"Yeah, but the Plane's Not!"

Austin:"Ah...Well....Let's just take you home before these children start jumping on us."


The Viking Warriors loaded their Guns and Cannons behind their Sand Bag Barrier....the others polished thier shields, swords, and spears. The county line was only a hundred Meters away....while everyone was waiting for the Attack of the Las Puffles Rebels and Hochstadt Canyon Warriors. Jock stood courageously by a wooden Catapult.

Jock:"Get ready Men, for the moment of truth."

Akbaboy: What special test? Maybe it's stopping it with words like it sa--

Jock: Look out!

Akbaboy waddled as fast as he could and avoided a cannonball.

Jock:"Good. Now You're ready to defeat the enemy when they come."

Jock took out a Walkie Talkie.

Jock:"Fuut-Ga, Do you read me?"

Fuut Ga was with a Small Viking Sqadron and was hiding in a bush across the County Border. He was holding a pair of binoculars, looking for the Enemy.

Fuut Ga:"Roger, General. They're still not in sight."

Jock:"Stay in touch with me, commander."

Fuut Ga:"Roger."

A few minutes passed.

Fuut-Ga:"Jock, They are approaching, 12 O'Clock! Four Miles Away..."

Jock:"We see them. Get ready for surprise Attack."

Jock drew his sword.

Jock:"Frostizians, CHARGE!"

The Vikings charged over the County Line. The Enemy Met them soon after. It was a battle of Clanging Swords, Shooting Guns, and flying cannonballs. Then, Fuut Ga signaled his batallion to attack the Enemy, who took this in surprise. Fuut Ga was doing his Ninja Moves;kicking the Enemies that charged at him all at once. Fisch was slicing swords and spears in half with his keysaber, and Piper rapid fired a Huge Machine Snowbullet Gun. Akbaboy was at the side by himself, watching the madness. He saw Jock sword dueling the Enemy's Leader....and began to walk towards them as he drew his sword. When He reached the intense dueling leaders, he stuck his sword in the middle. Both Jock's and the Enemy Leader's Swords hit Akba's Sword.

Akba:"STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Everyone stopped what they were doing.

Akbaboy was thinking of what to say when he suddenly got the idea.

Ak: This will definitely draw their attention and make them change their minds!

As swords and spears were flying all over the place, Ak dragged huge speakers and a microphone.

Akba:"Guys! Guys! Over Here!"

Everyone paused and looked at what was going on.

Random Enemy Soldier:"What do you Want? Can't you see we're having a war?"

Akba:"Don't you see? This war was started by Words, and so this war will end in Words."

Another Random Enemy Soldier:"What? Those stuck up Frostizians think they are better than us!"

Akbaboy:"NO they are NOT."


Akba:"You Guys are the Viking Empire! One Nation! You are all the same! No city of place is better than the next...not at least in this country."

Fuut-Ga:"Equality is the key..."

Akba:"Exactly! Now, What happened to the united country that loved the Pope??"

Random Soldier:"We're right Here!"

Tears filled the eyes of everyone who listened to the speech. It made them realize that this war was foolish, and that they were One again.

Jock:"Bless you, Akbaboy..."

The Pope stepped in.

Pope:"Indeed. The Prophecy is fulfilled."


In the End, things went well. Fisch had returned back to CP, The King of the Viking Empire was placed back onto the throne again as the war ended, and Akbaboy became a National Hero, and went back to his own country in pride. The Finestade Land and the Viking Empire formed a close alliance with each other as well. Not only that, Swiss got over capturing Fisch....but peace wouldn't last long. Swiss would soon bring war the next Adventure....The Great Snowzerland War III - The Final Showdown!