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Quest for the Twister Brothers
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Start Club Penguin
End Puffletopia
Rewards The Twister Brothers
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The Search for Zorg

This si the beggining of my story "The Puffle Chronicles."



Fredrick was reading to Carrie and Brandon. The specific book was about the Twister Brothers. AAnd when the story was over, Brandon was fascinated. "When I grow up, I'm going to go meet the Twister Brothers", said Brandon. "Thats impossible!", Carrie said. "Darings, I'm afraid its not. G is actually heading out to look for them tomorrow" said Fredrick.

So, the next day, when G left, Brandon hopep dinto his backpack. At once Carrie and Fredrick noticed, and they set off on their own to find him.

Meanwhile Brandon was already in the wilderness of Club Penguni when G spotetd two mini tonadoes flying around. G jumped for them. A white puffle and a gray one peaked up. Brandon hopped out to see what had happened. What he saw was Hurricane and Tornado. G picked the two puffles up, not noticing Brandon, and left. Brandon was scared, when out of the wilderness, jumped Zorg!


Zorg captured Brandon and G found Fredrick and Carrie. He took them all home, dreading what might have happened to Brandon, and hoped after further study Hurricane and Tornado would help find Brandon.

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