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The Prophecy is a predicted fall of Darktan, and how it will happen.

The Actual Prophecy[]

An aged penguin in Shiverpool spoke a prophecy one night 14 years ago. Luckily, it was wrote down.

"The hero will be born on the winter solstice. They will escape the evil hand of the dark one and gather together forces of great strength. This strength will destroy evil in the land and there will be peace once again."

There are only there penguins born on August 20 (the winter solstice): Kwiksilver, The Kernel and Luce. It is likely that Luce is the hero, as Kwiksilver is only young and inexperienced at present. The Kernel is laughed off as a coincidence.

Darktan's Reaction[]

Darktan heard of the prophecy 14 years later and sent a Magma Puffle to destroy Kwiksilver, but he got away. Darktan could not touch Luce as she was the keeper of light. He didn't bother chasing the founder of EFF.

How they knew about it[]

Luce had known the night after the prophecy was spoken, as she read the transcript. Kwiksilver had no awareness of it until Luce spoke to him when he tried to face off Darktan. The Kernel still doesn't know.

Others Born on the Date Or Near The Date[]

There are several other penguins which could have been born on the prophecy.

Born on the Date[]

Captain Moose's birthday is debated whether it is on August the 21st or August the 20th. Fudd Lapooh was also born on the very same date, but Mayor McFlapp admitted that XTUX Hun changed Fudd's birthdate.

Despite the one trillion penguins living in Antarctica, only four have yet to be born on the prophecy date itself.

Could have been candidates for The Prophecy[]

  • Larry Adelide was born on August 19, two days before The Prophecy. His mother was expected to give birth to him on the date itself.
  • Chorus K. Monust had a birthday party on the prophecy date itself. It is unknown is Chorus K. Monust could be the one, as he may have celebrated it before his actual birthday.
  • Willy the Penguin was born on August 21, just five minutes into it.
    • In fact, Willy was actually destined to play a major part in the For Great Justice saga, as Kwiksilver's best friend and protege, and made some pivotal decisions that influenced Antarctic history forever.
  • KingH10 was also born very close to it, a minute to midnight on August 19.


After the Great Darktonian Pie War, the aged penguin spoke of another prophecy.

"Do not rejoice so soon. The World is still not rid of evil. The heroes will fight darkness, power and endings. One of the heroes will make the ultimate sacrifice."

This is believed to refer to For Great Justice.


This section will be written after The Great Darktonian Pie War is finished.

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